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All Quiet on the Western Front

Well, we've just wrapped up our extensive coverage of SEC Media Days, giving it far more attention than it deserves. Oh wait, we completely ignored Media Days... that's exactly how much attention it deserves. Good on us.

These are the dog days of summer. There's no practice, no games, no minor sports to take our minds off of the fact that there is no football. I paid attention to my family for a few minutes, I was that desperate. But my 10 week old can't get the pitch down. She keeps fumbling the snap. Fundamentals.

Sure, there's a few phony controversies. ESPN said something mean about NICKNAME REDACTED, but no worse than Paul said. The Man From Gannett tried to stir the pot over the third string quarterback not being available in a game played six months ago. Shocking, I know.

But considering where we were last year, the silence is glorious. This is about the time, a year ago, the excrement hit the air conditioning. Shep got suspended, the program got put on probation, and we all learned about the bouncer policy at Shady's.

This year? Nothing. Not a peep. Hell, the biggest story coming out of Tiger Country right now is who is going to wear the #18 jersey (Bennie Logan, we think). OK, that and the fact Les Miles is recruiting a 13 year old, that's pretty strange, even for Miles.

But all in all, this LSU team is making it mighty difficult for we poor bloggers out here. They have kept their trap shut, stayed out of trouble, and just worked on getting better. Would it kill one of y'all to get caught smoking a joint or something? I'm desperate for material here. Instead, I'm just gonna open up a beer and watch the Olympics.

It's a slow news month, and I couldn't be happier. If we can make it through August with this same utter lack of interesting things happening, it will be the best news we could possibly receive.