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The Geaux Show for August 15th, 2012 - Preseason Special


The Geaux Show crew returns for the annual preseason spectacular, recorded live in front of a studio audience just last Saturday (of course we planned in advance to do a show right after TM7 was kicked off the team). We spend a good amount of time talking about the impact of Mathieu's dismissal, followed by our annual rambling conversation on all things LSU and SEC football in 2012. For new listeners, be warned that the language can get a little salty (honestly, it's not any worse than the comments sections here on ATVS)

The Geaux Show is now entering it's 7th year of being the premiere LSU podcast experience hosted by fans live from a Parade Grounds tailgate at (almost) every home football game. This year we hope to be bigger and better than ever, with more and more interesting guests, a return of the annual pick'em game, and possibly our first live remote show. We hope you'll join us for another season of the best in amateur LSU sports talk.