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Link Gumbo 8/22/12

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LSU held their final scrimmage of the preseason yesterday, and if the provided stats are to be believed, LSU now has a video game passing offense. Mettenberger went 26 of 36 for 336 yards and the ball was well distributed between the 4 leading WRs. On the injury front, Spencer Ware, Michael Ford, and Craig Loston appear to still be "nicked," but they should both be ready for next week

Miles did not see day 1 of Mo Isom's tryout, but she says it went well.

What might be even bigger news is the transformation that has taken place at Tiger Stadium over the offseason. Along with a fresh coat of sealant paint and some new fencing in the arches, and LED lighting system has been added in the concourse levels and the effect is spectacular.

More photos and video of the new lights in action after the break.

Let it be known that sophomore midfielder Alex Arlitt scored the first point of the LSU athletic season, breaking a 0-0 tie in double overtime and securing a win for the soccer team on the road at Oklahoma. Their next match is the home opener vs. Rice at 7pm on Friday. I highly recommend the rest of LSU's own excellent position previews of the team, including The Midfield, The Back Line, and The Goalkeepers.

SB Nation's full All-American list is now complete and LSU is represented by Eric Reid, Sam Montgomery, and Brad Wing, the most dominate vote getter at any position.

In an ESPN ranking of the Top 50 basketball programs of the last 50 years, LSU just squeaks in at number 48.

The complete combined SEC men's basketball schedule, with TV stations and times, is now available.

The SEC has complied photos of all of the season tickets in the conference and I helped out by sending them a picture of mine.

The Mayans were right, Vandy may be sold out for the season.

Miss St has announced plans for a major upgrade of their North Endzone.


It looks like Auburn may have to replace their oaks after all.

Kentucky doesn't have any new uniforms this year, but the do want you to know that they will use all 18 combinations if possible.

Bill Connelly's SEC season previews for SB Nation continue at a breakneck pace, be sure to check out his thoughts on Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Miss. St., South Carolina, and Auburn.

The Pac 12's multiple networks went live last week and SB Nation's Spencer Hall was there to cover the beginning of the future of college sports.

It looks like UNO will be announcing it's invite to join the Southland conference this Thursday, completing a chaotic whirlwind of changes that included three division reclassifications since 2010.

With Idaho's announcement of pending independence, the WAC has no choice but to close up shop, ending 50 years of life as a D1 football conference.

It cannot be said enough: DO NOT CONTACT POTENTIAL RECRUITS.

Fox has announced it's CFB TV plans for the fall [PDF LINK], and with it's new deal with the P12, Fox (as in genuine, over the air, network FOX) will be airing 12 (TWELVE!) games with 6pm Central or later kickoff times this season, in a move that will put them firmly in competition with the longstanding ABC/ESPN Saturday night juggernaught. It also shines a glaring spotlight on just how far behind CBS is falling, as they will stick with a paltry 2 night games this year.

While the money the SEC gets from CBS is surely great, initiatives like this and the previously mentioned P12 networks are putting the SEC farther and farther behind it's BCS counterparts when it comes to TV coverage and fan's access to that coverage. To put it in perspective, just look at how the big 3 networks (NBC, with it's Notre Dame exclusivity obviously omitted) will be spending the CFB opening night. ABC has Bama and Michigan in the Cowboys Classic, FOX is airing USC's home opener vs Hawaii, and CBS is running CSI and 48 Hours re-runs.

In case you had forgotten, the Bylaw Blog refreshes everyone's memory that the Oregon/Willie Lyles investigation is still ongoing.

Being an Iowa running back marks you for suffering by an unmerciful god.

For today's lesson in football, our Mich. St. friends are going to teach you all about the Double A-Gap Blitz

Houston and San Antonio have thrown their bids into the hat for the Champions Bowl.

The long slow goodbye for Rosenblatt continues.

Tiger Stadium lights in the daytime

and in Technicolor

and in motion