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Link Gumbo 8/28/12

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4 DAYS...

I'd rather be talking about football, but Isaac is dominating the sports headlines. The game is still on for Saturday, but everything else is a bit uncertain as portions of campus have already been turned over for use as shelters. As such, the volleyball tournament this weekend has been moved to Rice. Tulane is headed off to Birmingham ahead of their home opener in the Dome against Rutgers. Nicholls St's game at Oregon St is also in doubt.

Also of note, as a result of LSU closing for 2 days, the final drop/add day (i.e., Mathieu's last day to re-enroll at LSU this semester) has been moved to Friday.

If you're interested, you can use LSU's own supercomputer models to track the storm.

LSU basketball announced the signing of graduate transfer Charles Carmouche, a 6'3" 183 pound guard who's played at Memphis and UNO.

Sean Payton now wanders the countryside aimlessly, seeking out teams that need his advice. Like North Texas.

Former LSU FR LB Trevon Randle had his waiver to play at Houston immediately this season denied by the NCAA.

Cut day in the NFL left a lot of LSU names without a team. Even Matt Flynn has been demoted in Seattle, though he'll still get millions in guaranteed money.

Thanks partially to having to pay for 2 head coaches in 3 sports and 2 ADs, Tennessee's Athletic Dept. is nearly 4 million in the red this year.

The SEC is relaxing it's policies on stadium replays during official reviews, partly due to fears over slacking ticket sales.

In a survey of the oddest think SEC coaches have eaten on recruiting trips, Les Miles has had a bit of cow tongue.

Gannett must have a twin in Auburn, because Gene Chizik has lost control of his program.

SB Nation has a growing collection of CFB previews out this week covering the biggest games of the season and a complete bowl projection.

There are lows in college sports marketing. USL is determined to find the true depth of those lows.

The indispensable has discovered some changes to the ESPN3/WatchESPN services that you'll want to be aware of if you depend on it to watch college football games.

D1-AA is thinking about another name change for it's subdivision of NCAA football. I'm still going to call it 1-AA.

The Sun Belt wants to limit "payout" games that it's teams play in to just one a team each year. How they plan to keep those programs solvent without that extra revenue remains to be seen.

Things have been quiet from the folks responsible for moving the College Football Hall of Fame to Atlanta. A little TOO quiet.

Compared to other unis we've seen lately, SMU's changes are sedate.

The Saturday morning Notre Dame-Navy game in Ireland is one of the marquee games I'm looking forward to, but it seems the Navy may have been short on the bill.

There was a very good article on Ars Technica recently that details why cell phone coverage sucks at sporting events and what various teams are doing to fix the problem.

After a few years away, Matt Hinton aka Dr Saturday aka Sunday Morning Quarterback has returned to SB Nation.

After the break, some LSU highlight reels of Steve Van Buren. You can see an NFL highlight reel HERE.