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2012 LSU Football Media Day in Review

Who's ready for football? Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE
Who's ready for football? Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Much like practice reports, the value of real information at Media Days is limited, but when you've got a coach like Les Miles and the rare opportunity to hear directly from Coach Stud and The Chief, you know it's at least going to be entertaining. Under each video after the break I've noted the interesting bits and statements.

Unfortunately, I can't find video of Les Miles' talk to the press, but The Advocate does have audio. There's nothing really of note in it though. There's a few Miles-ism in there, especially with the discussion of a hypothetical QB who might run wildcat type plays if he, and they, existed. (You try diagramming Les Miles sentences and tell me you'd do better). The real meat of the day came from the coordinators, OC Studrawa and DC Chavis.

Coach Studrawa

- Stud seems really excited about Jarvis Landry's opportunity to make a much bigger impact on offense this year

- Specifically want the Tight End to be a bigger factor in the offense this year, especially Chase Clement (I think we've heard this every year of the Miles tenure, maybe longer

- Elliot Porter name drop in list for guys who should make the field for the OL. Imagine that.

- Stud says the OL is in much better shape at this time than the group last year. It doesn't just sound like coach-speak when he says it (or maybe we just don't hear from him enough to pick up on it.)

- Bolden came to LSU over other opportunities that could have seen him start on day one because he wanted to go somewhere he could win a National Championship and compete for a starting role. That Bolden wanted all of those things well before the PSU sanctions gave him a perfect out and that he chose LSU is, if nothing else, a great advertisement for the program.

- A lot of talk about them focusing Bolden on certain parts of the playbook for now, but the mood I gather is that he's not likely to see any meaningful playing time this year (baring injuries, of course)

- Stud's offense is always going to be a run first, ball control type system (what would you expect from an OL coach) but the development of the passing game this year is going to focus on areas that benefit from the new talent under center. Stud seems more excited about what having a strong passing threat will do for his run game against opposing defenses, and with the huge talent pool we have at RB again this year, I can't say I disagree with that thinking.

-On the other hand, Stud believes that Mett has the confidence and talent to throw into coverage that we would not have last year and make a play. Maybe it's just me not yet completely healed from the mental scars of 4 years of [redacted]'s INT for a TD woes, but it's gonna take a few games of that kind of play working before I (and expect many fans) can watch a mid or deep ball in the air without having a panic attack before it lands.

- Krags seems to be excelling in his role as QB coach and Stud sees big improvements in Mett and Stephen Rivers from last year. Stud's description started very coach-speakish, but then involved into specifics of what seemed to be teaching lessons he's sat in on. What we see in results from the long running "Stephen Rivers Project" may be the best judgement of Krags abilities, but I'm not sure we see any of that this year.

- There's a light moment when Stud expresses relief about not having to play The Chief's defense. His remarks about it's speed foreshadowed much of The Chief's comments. "You know they're going to get the ball back" is a great compliment to make on a defense

-That line about "We were so far ahead in the 4th in some games, we didn't have to throw it" seems to be a talking point for the coaching staff this preseason. Doesn't mean it isn't true.

- P. J. Lonergan is going to be the leader of the OL this year, and Stud expects him to step up to the challenge.

Coach Chavis

I say this every year. There is not a CFB coach in this country who is more camera shy that I wish would speak more than The Chief. If he ever took a HC job, I'd seriously envy whoever would cover that team

- Chief still says "Tyrann Matthews" every now and then

- Lot's of new names expected step up on the lines. LBs return experience, but no starting spot is safe.

- Asked about changing scheme now that there's more depth at LB and CB: "Less Nickel, More Dime, More Base" with the caveat that it really depends on what they are facing.

- "Freak" Johnson is in a much better conditioning state than last year. Danielle Hunter is also in great shape to possibly make some contribution this year.

- When talking about LB Tahj Jones and concerns that he may be a little undersized in the role, The Chief lays out his philosophy "We're never going to sacrifice speed for size." Taj is also expected to take over the on the field play calling role this year.

- The Chief likes Tyrann at any position, has no qualms about using him at corner, saftey, or as a pass rusher.

- The Chief repeats a question from last year, says this is the best secondary he's ever had

Something different here. Gordy Rush, who does various radio work for LSU, and Emily Villere, recently of the LSU site, have a long talk-show like video from the indoor facility as the players are in various corners taking photos and giving interviews. All the big names like Sheppard, Mettenberger, Mingo, Wing, and even Miles stop by for a few minutes to talk about the team and the season. It's a great video, but at over an hour long you may need a few viewings to get through it.