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Link Gumbo 9/10/12 - Live in stunning TIGERVISION

That's right, sportsfans. It's time for the annual TigerVison game. Be sure to get everything settled with your provider if you live in LA. I'll share the blackout maps as soon as they become available.

The blowout of a genuine BCS team is starting to get the kind of national attention you like to see. Staples at SI approves of the "style short on gimmicks and long on the systematic swallowing of opponent's souls" Meanwhile, Hayes at SN looks at our nearly perfectly balanced offense and becomes that annoying guy sitting in the stands next to you who gets pissed that we don't throw on every first down. Locally, Rosetta focused on the impressive defense, Hotard liked the way the OL backups stepped up, and Kleinpeter sees the offense finding it's groove for the season ahead.

Our UW compatriots didn't have great things to say about their team after the loss and they think the Huskies have sunk down to the lower half of the P12.

The Daily Reveille had a good editorial this morning about how the AD donating 7 million dollars to keep the school afloat is a big problem that needs better solutions.

SEC Commish Slive was at the coin flips for both of the new member's premier conference games this weekend. Yahoo's Forde shadowed him on the trip.

SBN's own Steven Godfrey spent the week embedded with Bama's opponent WKU as has a fascinating account of how a David prepares for a Goliath.

Arkansas big fall at the hands of the mighty Warhawks is a great celebration in .gif form. SBN's Bill Connelly has a detailed breakdown of just what went so wrong in Little Rock.

I didn't see it myself, but R2D2 LSU kegbot easily won the tailgate this week.

After the break, tons of post game player vids, Coach Miles, Coach Chavis, Shaq, Mo Claiborne, and this week's Shutdown Fullback recap

S Eric Reid - Postgame Interview

RB Alfred Blue - Postgame Interview

QB Zach Mettenberger - Postgame Interview

John Chavis - Postgame Interview

DE Barkevious Mingo - Postgame Interview

Les Miles Washington Postgame

Shaquille O'Neal at Charity Golf Classic

Mo Claiborne On-Field Interview