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First Thoughts on The Day Farah Fawcett Died: Tigers 63, Vandals 14

AIRSTREAM! Get out of my lane!  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
AIRSTREAM! Get out of my lane! (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

There was a moment this game was interesting. After LSU went out to a 14-0 lead to start off the game, Idaho fought back as LSU once again showed the same disinterest they had shown in the North Texas game. After a nice looking drive, Idaho was down 21-14.

LSU failed to respond and actually punted the ball back to Idaho, giving them a chance to drive down the field and conceivably tie the game. As always, the defense responded and nearly forced a safety. They did force a punt and a short field with a minute and a half in the half. One minute later, LSU connected on a touchdown pass and the team never looked back.

The second half was just a brutal demolition.

Idaho showed some moxie in the game, but the onslaught of LSU's brutal defense and relentless running game eventually wore the Vandals down. By the fourth quarter, LSU couldn't help but pile it on as even an offense lead by Stephen Rivers and Jeremy Hill kept scoring points. As many points as the team scored, it's easy to forget there was a point late in the second quarter that it seemed like it was very much in doubt.


-- The defense scored two touchdowns, both on interception returns. Two interception returns for a touchdown isn't that surprising, but the guys making the returns is: Ronald Martin and Lavar Edwards.

-- Zach Mettenberger threw an absolutely awful pick near the goalline that went 90 yards the other way. Good hustle to prevent the pick six, but Mett cannot throw interceptions at the five yard line.

-- Speaking of Mett: 17 for 22 for 222. Ho hum.

-- Russell Shepard had one of his best games as a Tiger. He caught balls in traffic and over the shoulder. He threw some good blocks and had some nice runs. I know it's just Idaho, but he looked like an honest to God wide receiver tonight. Could he finally be turning the corner?

-- Michael Ford had one carry and Spencer Ware had zero. The running game had a sneaky good night, but there was the same distribution of carries we've been seeing.

-- Brad Wing. Still awesome. 45 yard average and four of five punts inside the 20.

-- Yeah, it was a dull game. Not much more to add other than Skinheads aren't allowed in Mohawk Town.