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Tiger Bait Recap: Week 3


North Texas 21 - Kansas St. 35

The Mean Green almost caught the Wildcats looking ahead, but it was not to be.

Washington 52 - Portland St 13

Well, there's more than one way to turn your season around.

Auburn 31 - ULM 28

The Cinderella Warhawks fall to 1-1 in SEC play, but are still technically ahead of Auburn in the Division. (side note, ULM gets Baylor AT HOME this weekend)

Towson 20 - William and Mary 17

A close but victorious Homecoming game has the Tigers steady at #16 in the FCS poll and a leg up in the CAA. Towson has won it's home opener 9 straight years.

Florida 37 - Tennessee 20

Does Florida finally have an offense again or were we all just too impressed with a Vol team pantsing an ACC also-ran in Atlanta? The East is turning into the crap shoot we thought it might be.

South Carolina 49 - UAB 6

Suspensions and injuries make this a costly CUSA blowout.

Texas A&M 48 - SMU 3

Aggies whupped the Ponies bad enough to make them think it was the SWC days again.

Alabama 52 - Arkansas 0


Mississippi St 30 - Troy 24

The Bulldogs escape Troy (yes, it was a ROAD game) in a squeaker that was caused by the MSU D Line turning into turnstiles in the 2nd half.

Ole Miss 31- Texas 66

At least you won the party, right guys?