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Site News: Winds of Change, Yo

So as PodKatt has mentioned in the past, And the Valley Shook and SBNation will be undergoing some changes soon, designed to improve the way you guys enjoy all the content here and at all our other sites.

Y'all are familiar with the new logo...


...but how about some of the other ways things will be changing.

The primary goal here is to make this place more enjoyable for everybody, and that means increased organization and better load times. SB Nation United is going to make sites load faster and run better, meaning you can get to the content you want faster. We'll be trying to make sure that the top content of the day is up front and center, with a more modern design and a less-cluttered appearance.

Additionally, SB Nation United is going to make the site experience much more seamless from format to format, be it smartphone or tablet, while not taking away the community elements of FanPosts, FanShots or GameThreads.

First is the cover -- there will be some variations on this layout but, the idea is that this will be a primary hub for you to see the most important stories of the day.


Below, we'll delve into a reverse-chronological order story stream for you to view everything. Example:


This will also allow us to better group relevant topics (such as cooking for X/O strategy posts), as well as incorporate content from some of our other sites when its relevant.

Finally, here are some mobile/tablet examples:



I'm sure y'all will have questions, and we'll do our best to answer them. And I'm sure there will be some trepidation, but we're eager for feedback and, obviously, providing y'all with the best possible LSU-centered content that we can. That part, we promise, is never going to change.