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Link Gumbo 9/21/12

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Les Miles stated after practice Wednesday that the team his healthy and ready to go, all except Alfred Blue who's future status is still unknown. There wasn't much else to the brief press conference (except for Miles Name dropping Snoop Dogg and Akon) which is posted after the break.

JR RHP Joe Broussard will miss this season while rehabbing from Tommy John surgery he is undergoing this morning due to an injury he suffered in the Cape Cod League. He'll return in 2014 with 2 years left.

The Daily Reveille has an interesting profile of Sam Montgomery.

From an earlier program this season: JC Copeland is a fan of halftime citrus.

Former OL Kevin Mawae has been selected as LSU's member of the 2012 SEC Legends class.

The Baltimore Sun has a story profiling former LSU and Colt QB Bert Jones, who spends his days on a ranch in Texas.

Our friends at College and Magnolia took a look back at LSU - Auburn 97. I'd rather they didn't.

That LSU R2-D2 kegbot that made the rounds last week? Of course it started out life as an Abita keg.

The next file in the "SEC Storied" series on ESPN airs September 25 and will be about Sylvester Croom.

Speaking of State, MSU is involved in some murky dealings regarding payed players out of the Memphis area, but the story isn't very concrete yet.


It's not been a great week for Arkansas head coach John L. Smith. After the shutout to Bama and the bizarre press conference, this week it was revealed that the coach is over $25 million in debt.

Ole Miss is playing Tulane in The Dome this weekend and will be wearing special helmet stickers to support Tulane's severely injured safety Devon Walker.

Speaking of Tulane, they appear to be clearing the final hurdle in the way of stadium construction, whether a bunch of whining uptown residents like it or not.

The Nicholls St. Oregon St. game that was canceled due to Issac has a scheduled makeup date of December 1, assuming neither team is occupied with postseason obligations.

SBN CFB Stat Wizard in insane Mizzou fan Bill Connelly is driving to South Carolina for this weekend's game and has decided to do a quick tour of portions of the SEC along the way.

Due to Tailgating and night games, I haven't yet seen what the Fox mid-evening studio show looks like, but the reports are not good.

While being intentionally vague, the football playoff committee has confirmed that the selection committee will be similar to the one employed for basketball.

Even with Notre Dame's semi-realignment with the ACC, the Orange Bowl is finalizing a deal that would have the ACC champion face various SEC and B1G opponents and possibly even Notre Dame.

Rumors about the development on an "SEC Network" are becoming more concrete as The Sports Business Journal reports than plans are on schedule for a summer 2014 launch. The report also states that ESPN Regional TV, ESPN's separate production house in Charlotte that currently produces most of ESPNU's studio shows, olympic sports broadcasts (including the national SEC Baseball package), and most importantly the "SEC Network" game of the week (the spiritual successor to Jefferson Pilot Sports), will likely be used to produce and house the network. The upshot of all this is that the SEC Network will essentially be in the "Longhorn Network" mold (ESPN produced and stylized) and that Dave Neal and other personalities that SEC fans have grown accustomed to over the years will likely become the main anchors of the content.

After the break, a few funny videos and a new highlight reel of TGBFTL

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