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Blog Poll Ballot Week 4

John Reed-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

I've been without internet for the weekend, as I spent a glorious weekend at the ranch. Aside from an abortion of a football game, I had a nice time. However, I didn't exactly spend the weekend glued to the TV. I caught a little bit of the other games, but I wasn't exactly locked in or anything. I didn't do as little research as your average AP sportswriter, but this probably isn't my strongest ballot either.

Explanations after the jump...

1 Alabama. Still good.

2 Oregon. First real test of the season, and they passed with flying colors, beating a top 25 team by over 40 points.

3 Kansas St. Went on the road to Norman and got a huge win. They have one of the most impressive resumes in the country.

4 Florida St. Didn't just win big, it's how they won. Trailed early and then answered the bell. Maybe this is a different FSU team.

5 LSU. What. Was. That? UW is still their best win.

6 WVU. Thankful for the LSU game, so no one noticed them struggling with Maryland.

7 Florida. Dominant win over an outmatched foe.

8 Georgia. SEE Florida.

9 Texas. Still haven't played a real tough team, but still yet to be challenged.

10 Notre Dame. At some point, we have to start taking them seriously.

11 South Carolina. Took their turn at beating the New Guys.

12 Stanford. Avoiding the Pac-12 drama this weekend.

13 Ohio St. Best team in the Big Ten. Not that that is saying much.

14 Oregon St. Look who is back in the Pac-12 conversation.

15 Northwestern. Had their first rent a win.

16 Oklahoma. Looked like a good team, but you have to win the big games at home if you want to be in the top ten.

17 Louisville. I'm starting to slowly recognize the existence of the Big East.

18 Clemson. For a brief moment, they had a shot. Then they remembered that they are Clemson.

19 UCLA. Looked good in defeat. UCLA is for real.

20 Baylor. Avoided the Warhawk Menace. But barely.

21 USC. Beating Cal is a nice first step to getting their reputation back.

22 Ohio. Still unbeaten!

23 Rutgers. Beat Arkansas, but really, who hasn't?

24 TCU. Virginia is their best win, a real indictment of their schedule.

25 Arizona. Look, Oregon is going to bitch slap a lot of good teams.