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Monday Press Lunch : Week 2 v. Washington

Delayed to Tuesday by Labor Day and to Today by my own work schedule.

Starts at 21:00 mark...Miles thinks the team was dominant, but sloppy...500+yds of offense is nothing to ba ashamed of...The nearly missed punt almost gave Miles a heart attack, but he's not concerned about long snapper Reid Ferguson and was impressed by freshman Aussie Jamie Keehn...Brad Wing should be back this week...Miles wants the pass rush to be better and believes it needs to be this week against Washington...LB Deion Jones had a great first game and Miles believes he still has much room for improvement...Wilcox, the former Tennessee DC now at Washington, will use a similar defensive strategy, but it will be adjusted for the Huskies' personell...RT Alex Hurst and SS Craig Loston's nagging injuries should not be a big issue and both are expected to play this weekend...Stephen Rivers was impressive in his unexpected first snaps and Miles thinks we'll see more of him later this season...Sam Montgomery's lack of play is not a knock on Sam, but just a recognition of what Lavar Edwards has earned...Luke Muncie did fine starting for LB Tahj Jones, but others will rotate in...Miles dodged a question about the non-conference win record that could be tied this weekend...Spencer Ware and Jeremy Hill should both see action this week and could have played last week...Miles is happy for Tyrann Mathieu returning to school, but wont concern himself with the matter during the season...J C Copeland's work last week is a sign of things to come and Miles sounds enthusiastic about the opportunity to get him the ball more...Tahj Jones may not return to the team this year as the AD seems to be out of things to do regarding his academic troubles...LSU's goal with the new kickoff rule will be to pin return men, not aim for the touchback...Odell Beckham has earned the trust of the coaching staff with his kick fielding judgment...Jarvis Landry is still playing on coverage teams and enjoys his job there... Captains this week: Offense - Jarvis Landry; Defense - Barkevious Mingo; Special Teams - Alfred Blue




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