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Link Gumbo 9/7/12

The big news last night was that starting LT Chris Faulk's injury at practice Wednesday is now thought to be so severe that he may miss the rest of the season with surgery and rehab. While you hate to lose a guy as talented as Faulk, there are a number of great options in replacement at the LT position, namely 6th yr SR Josh Dworaczyk.

Sorry we missed reporting this, but as I'm sure you are aware, Tyrann Mathieu is back in class on campus and is "just kind of working on the self more than the athlete. As of right now, I’m focusing on graduating."

If you haven't seen the amazing Yahoo! Sports video about Chad Jones and his continued recovery, stop reading right now.

To prepare them for the game Washington brought a live Tiger from a local zoo to practice this week. Washington St. coach Mike Leach wasn't impressed. Neither was EDSBS (where the conversation turned into a collection of Death Valley horror stories/times of legend)

Dr Shaq is in town for his annual fundraiser and spent some time at OLOL children's hospital. He also greeted the Washington team in person at their hotel. (Side Note from that last link: I'd like to know which issue of Cat Fancy declared LSU "the toughest place for a college football opponent")

Fresh off his NFL debut, Mo Claiborne is back in town as a guest captain this week and he has bought ad space around Baton Rouge thanking his fans for the support.

To aid in Hurricane Isaac relief, Red Cross workers will be out at Tiger Stadium this weekend collecting monetary donations.

The Box is getting some new grass this offseason.

After a few years of greater and greater donations back to the University, the Athletic Department is formalizing a new plan that would see an annual donation of over $7 Million go back into the mission of the university for the next 5 years. (and they still want me to pay $40 a game for parking *grumble*)

It's only one game into the season, so of course Nick Saban is a steaming pile of rage.

At this rate, there may not be anybody left to play for Miss. St. once the basketball season rolls around.

One Bama fan has some crazy ideas for how to improve Mizzou's football stadium.

It goes without saying, but you should be spending some time this week at our Husky neighbors UW Dawg Pound.

The NFL season started last night with 40 former LSU players on various team rosters.

The College Football Headline of the Week: "Demons eager to make amends, wary of Boll Weevils."

Sometimes Tulane makes it too easy.

Ole Miss, still focused on winning the party.

Notre Dame would now like it's home fans to cheer at games. Welcome to the 40's, Irish.

EDSBS has an epic account of trying to watch college football in Shanghai.

Readers of a certain age should know that Tecmo Bowl '13 is now available.

I don't even pay attention to K-State football, but this is amazing.

The Big XII is set to sign their new media deal today, which means it's time for the SEC to step up to the plate.

In local media news, New Orleans becomes a 2 newspaper town again on October 1st.