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2013 Baton Rouge Regional

Five Things: ESPN's Kaylee Hartung

OH WE FANCY. That's right, a few questions from ESPN's Kaylee Hartung.

LSU Advances In Ugly Fashion

It wasn’t very super, but it was good enough.

2013 Baton Rouge Regional - Day 3 GAMETHREAD

2013 Baton Rouge Regional - Day 2 GAMETHREAD

2013 Baton Rouge Regional - Day 1 GAMETHREAD

Better Know a Regional: Jackson State

Tigers versus Tigers.

Stat Breakdown - ULL vs SHSU

Breaking down the match ups between ULL and SHSU.

Cody Glenn Suspended For The Regional

Better Know a Regional: Sam Houston State

Getting to know the third seed.

Better Know a Regional: UL Lafayette

Taking a look at our cross state rivals.

Stat Breakdown: LSU vs. Jackson St.

Comparing LSU and Jackson St. on four levels: Starting Pitching, Hitting, the Bullpen, and Defense.