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SEC Powerpoll Week 3

Unfortunately, LSU fans will see the Tigers rightfully at the bottom. Johnny Jones needs to win, ASAP.

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Unlike last week in which Deniz and I were split on quite a bit of the picks, this week we were in complete agreement. Here's the list and some SEC thoughts. Keep in mind that these picks were made prior to Tuesday's games. Also be sure to check out Garnet and Black Attack for the results.

Florida Gators - There's no doubt the Gators are the best in the SEC right now. After some slip ups in December they are back in the hunt for a 1 seed.

Mississippi Rebels - The surging Rebels look poised to finally get back to the NCAA tournament. Marshall Henderson is making his case for SEC player of the year.

Kentucky Wildcats - The 'Cats still aren't out of the hunt but the schedule gets tougher soon.

Missouri Tigers - Laurence Bowers is perhaps the MVP of this team, as the Tigers were completely destroyed by Florida.

Alabama Crimson Tide - I still think it's a long shot that the Tide make the tournament but they've settled in nicely after a loss to Missouri.

Texas AM Aggies - Texas AM has also fallen back to earth after a stunning win over Kentucky. The Aggies can't let the Florida loss destroy their momentum.

Arkansas Razorbacks - Road woes still plague the Hogs and until they win on the road they won't finish better than 7th.

Auburn Tigers - The Tigers were tamed this week but they still should have a respectable year in the conference.

Vanderbilt Commodores - I think it's clear that Kevin Stallings is a great X and O's coach with the competitive nature of his over matched team.

South Carolina Gamecocks - South Carolina pulled out a tough win over LSU but had a dismal loss to Vanderbilt at home.

Tennessee Volunteers - Cuonzo Martin's Vols were able to stop the losing streak with a win over Mississippi State, but still have a lot to accomplish to earn a postseason bid.

Mississippi State Bulldogs - The Bulldogs fell back to earth after a 2-0 start. It's still respectable that they aren't in last place.

Georgia Bulldogs - Georgia beat LSU to stay out of the bottom spot but they still have work to do.

LSU Tigers - The Tigers fall to the bottom of the SEC as they are the only winless team.