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Five Things, 1/29

1. I'd say you may have missed it, but who are we kidding? Roger Goodell did an AMA on Reditt, where he confirmed that despite the team, and Tom Benson's cooperation, the Saints will not be getting their second-round draft choice back. I suppose it's a bit too late for the Rog to pull out now, he's already spent the last year fucking the franchise. Enjoy NOLA this week!

2. On the same topic, the Times-Picayune got their hands on the transcript of Saints linebackers coach and former suspended interim head coach Joe Vitt's testimony in the bounty scandal appeals. It's...eye-opening, to say the least. Takeaways: Vitt is a passionate guy, one who was caught up in the NFL's agenda in this case, and didn't appear to know why. And I have absolutely no idea why anybody would ever consider employing Gregg Williams, ever again.

3. We always remember the busts. Saturdays Down South has a list of some of the 5-star recruits from the last 10 years that never made it. I have a quibble, which leads to an interesting question, with the LSU contingent: Ryan Perrilloux, Russell Shepard, Chris Davenport and Xavier Carter. I don't consider Perrilloux a bust, even with all his many issues, and the ones he still ultimately created for the Tiger program. The bottom line remains -- LSU does not win the 2007 national championship without him. He started two games and was the MVP of the SEC title game while Matt Flynn was injured. Was he more of a headache than he was worth? Absolutely. But a true "bust?" I'm not sure I can say that, and likewise for Shepard. Disappointment? Sure, but a 4-year contributor, something that neither Davenport nor Carter can say. Thoughts?

4. Also on a historical tip -- Peter Finney has a great piece on one of LSU's original big-time recruits, the legendary George Ellwood "Doc" Fenton. Finney recalls some great anecdotes from Fenton, including the legendary Havana, Cuba trip in 1907, and (try not to be too shocked) a controversial loss in Auburn.

5. Here's a fun story I was able to work on for my job-job: Stanley Roberts finishing his degree at LSU. Roberts was a joy to interview, and there was no shortage of faculty members that were genuinely excited for him. He really wants to get into coaching, and it will be interesting to see how his career progresses in the future.