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After having the same cell phone for about 150 years, I finally upgraded to a smart phone the other day. I have a lot of catching up to do with mobile technology, but a man has to have his priorities straight, so I gotta make sure my LSU news working like it's supposed to. So, if yall could help me with a few things without laughing at me, that'd be awesome.

First thing I noticed was ATVS looks different on my phone than on my PC. Mainly, the headlines don't have photos and are grouped all vertically, one under the other. Is that normal or should I have pictures on the main page? If I click on a story, then it has a pic with it. Secondly, I'm just accessing ATVS via a browser, but then I wondered if there's some kind of SBN or ATVS app or something I should be running instead.

I know these are silly questions, but just bear with me while I get the hang of the 21st century.