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Monday Press Lunch - Week 6 @ Miss. St.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Starts at 26 minute mark....thought players were trying to do too much instead of their assignments and that cost us on some plays...good performances and mistakes in all three phases that need to be addressed...coaches not without fault...commends Mettenberger for keeping his emotions in check during the game...wants the D to get better, but thinks the young lineup is asked directly about personnel changes on D and steers the answer towards finding more guys who can sub in for a few plays to get the veterans some rest...says the 1s on D and O already face each other most of the time in practice, but says there will be some changes (specifically mentions changing the scout team QB) to make practice more challenging for the D...mentions communication breakdowns on defense during the game that accounted for some of the not worried about Odell Beckham's muffed punt, he's still possibly the best return man in the country...knows Chavis will work his players hard to fix the issues...asked about the great QB performances in the SEC this year and says "I think the quarterback position in this conference right now is as salty as it's been, as capable a group of quarterbacks as there is." Goes on to say that while elite defensive players tend to eave early for the NFL, QBs tend to stick around and that right now there is a talent difference as young defenses still need time to mature...

Full Transcript

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(no changes from last week's depth chart)

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