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Fantasy Tailgate League - Florida vs. LSU

“Today, a Florida man…”

Well, it's been two weeks since we had a home game.  And what are we rewarded with?  We are given our first SEC day game of the season.  Queue the groans, sighs, expletives, and exasperations of LSU tailgaters everywhere!

Seriously though, screw day games.  We have to make up for the four missed hours somehow, so this weekend is the weekend to go hard.  This is not for the faint of heart.  You will get left behind at the portable toilet if you can't keep up.


Abita Andygator


Actually, screw calling this a starter beer.  This is how you make up for the lost four hours of tailgating before a home game against Florida.  No swill water beer for you today.

No, its delicious sweetness and smooth finish do not indicate anything sinister at all.  No that label is misprinted, just ignore it.  WTF does 8% ABV actually mean anyways?  Warning, it makes the chance of this happening 100% if you do it right.

And it comes in six packs now!?!?  Yeah, someone's liver (mine) is going to pay for this.


The Les Miles "Stiff Dew"

This drink makes its way to Baton Rouge via @zrau via @AUPPL.

5 oz Mountain Dew

1 oz vodka

1 oz triple sec

2 oz sour

Shake all that with ice then add two dashes of Blue Curacao to finish this beast.

LSU fans already have a reputation of being loud, drunk, crazy people.  Now we can be loud, drunk, hyper, crazy people.  Alcohol + caffeine + LSU fans = ABSOLUTE RECEIPE FOR WIN OF ALL TIME.  Also, if you happen to be all night tailgating, I think this is a fine replacement for your morning coffee.

The neat thing about this drink is that it will probably be a neon green glowing color, so when it eventually gets reexamined you can claim to be expelling radioactive waste.  This will further reinforce that hanging out with LSU fans is bad for your health and well being.  Totally worth it.


Alligator, duh.



Various options to employ here.  You could go back and watch some of the previous LSU vs. Florida games.  You could listen to music at insanely loud levels.  But the obvious choice is to watch some of our favorite pro wrestler's best matches with Ricky Steamboat, and then watch some other great matches from pro wrestling history.  Because nothing goes better with a night of drinking than pro wrestling and football.

Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat (WrestleWar 89... by mrbling