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First Impressions: LSU 24, Ole Miss 27

A disappointing loss in Oxford

We let this guy beat us
We let this guy beat us
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

A crappy defense will eventually catch up with you. LSU scored the big touchdown to tie the game with three minutes left, only needing the defense to get a stop to get thegame to overtime and.... well, we know how that ends. This defense can't stop anyone.

Ole Miss deserved to win this game because it played better throughout the night, particularly Bo Wallace, who at one point connecting on ten consecutive passes to start the second half. The Rebels needed to be perfect and, well ,they were. LSU slept walked through the game and went home with a loss.

You can't allow 525 yards of offense and expect to win the game. Ole Miss ran up and down the field pretty much at will, and then hit on a long field goal to win the game. That's the way it goes when you can't count on the defense to get a stop.

Ole Miss managed 27 points off of 525 yards, but they also converted 11 of 18 3rd downs, specializing in long conversions, and connected on 31 of 41 pass attempts. LSU's defense couldn't buy a stop. LSU's offense struggled throughout the night, particularly in a scoreless first half, but it was an anemic defense that eventually lead to the upset loss. LSU's defense is just not good enough to stop anyone, particularly in crunch time.

Jarvis Landry made the big catch to tie the game, but LSU was already doomed. We were relying on the defense to get a big stop to get the game to overtime, or even to get the ball back to the offense in regulation. And this defense simply can't do that. The Rebels drove down the field, converted a long 3rd down along the way, to kick a game winning field goal.

And that was that. This team lost for one simple reason: it's just not good enough. Mettenberger had a terrible first half and the running game never really got going, but the real weakness of this team is a defense  that can't stop anyone when it matters,

We can point fingers until the cows come home, but Ole Miss was the better team tonight. The SEC West was there for the taking, but LSU failed to walk through that door because of all things, we can't play defense. It's that kind of year.