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Ole Miss 27, LSU 24…

…You Know What, Screw It.

Lets burn everything.
Lets burn everything.

No. No I will not re-watch that.

So I was there, and make no mistake, it was no more fun in person.

Long drive back to my sister's in Memphis. Fairly silent the whole way. I mean other people talked, but not me. Part of me kept even thinking "God...I don't want to rewatch that crap..."

And that's what it was. Crap. One of the worst games of the Les Miles era. I would say the worst, but Miracle on Markham 2 was to a 5-win Arkansas squad. This Ole Miss team will at least make it to a bowl game. But it was certainly one of the worst efforts I've seen since that 2008 team spent the last three weeks of the season playing out the string.

I probably won't even be too active in the comments. I just can't right now.

What is it about Ole Miss? Why is it that LSU, as a program, seems completely incapable of taking this game seriously when more often than not that it has been a dogfight? This game is always their Super Bowl, and with one exception in the last 10 years have they no-showed early on. Meanwhile, the Tigers have mailed in several efforts. Most of the time they wake up in the second half and either pull away or gut out the win, but that's always playing with fire in this conference. Go on the road in the SEC, turn the ball over three times and score zero first-half points, you aren't winning many games, even with a good defense. Do it with a shaky one like LSU's, well, that's exactly what you saw.

Part of me thinks that, as a coach, you try to burn the tape and move on. Honestly there isn't going to be a whole lot to draw. Zach Mettenberger horribly stared down his receivers and allowed the free safety to jump every one of his interceptions. Jerald Hawkins and the offensive line were worked over by a defensive front that was missing half of its starters. Frankly, it was just a nonchalant, shittastic effort from a team that looked completely uninterested in playing in the game. Hell, if Ole Miss doesn't turn the ball over twice in the second half LSU doesn't even get those 24 points. The only thing to take from the film is embarrassment. Maybe that's what this team needs though.

There's a get-back weekend against Furman (wow, if people didn't go to the Florida game...think we get under 50K Saturday night?) two open dates, Bama, A&M, and Arkansas. There's going to be a lot of talk about "nothing to play for but pride," a saying I really hate, because frankly, a football player damn well ought to be playing for pride every week whether he's in the top 10 or the bottom 10.

I'm usually the last one to ever panic after losses. But that was about as bad as it gets in this era of LSU football. A complete and total mail-in job to a team that was missing half of its starters on defense. It raises disturbing questions about this team. I guess we'll find out how they get answered in the next few weeks.