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Delusional Optimism is Sick of Your Whining

Time to get back on that horse.

Stacy Revere

The Ole Miss game sucked. The less we say about it, the better. The offense turned the ball over way too much, the defense couldn't stop a thing, and LSU lost to a team that it had no business losing to.

So there was much teeth gnashing and hair pulling. There was moaning and wailing, and all of the whining and bitching you always hear after a loss. That's fine. We needed to get things off of our chest. Besides, that game did suck in all the ways a game can suck. A little bit of self-pity to vent off the frustration isn't such a bad thing.

However, I have a message to all of you LSU fans out there. Especially those of you who start your day jerking off to a picture of Nick Saban in a purple polo.

It's now Wednesday, and now it's time to shut the f#&@ up. The sky is not falling. And your Catastrophe Complex isn't demanding excellence or any other line of BS, it's a childish tantrum. Get over yourself, dust yourself off, and let's get back to winning some football games.

There's no way to justify Saturday's game. It was lousy and the team played like vomit. We're not trying to put a rosy glow on Saturday's collapse. It was bad. And it was no fun.

Here's the thing, it was so devastating because losses like that are so rare. LSU had not lost a game to an unranked opponent since 2009. LSU also hadn't lost a regular season game to a team that didn't go to a BCS bowl game since 2009 as well, until the Georgia game.*

*Barring something really, really crazy.

The number of teams that can say that can be counted on one hand. LSU has lost two road games, each by a field goal. And that makes this the worst LSU season in four years.

Do you know how many programs would trade places with us for a taste of our problems? Our down year is being ranked in the top 15 and losing two nail-biters? Oh, woe is us.

Yes, the defense has been lousy. Guys who reasonably could have been expected to improve have instead taken a giant step backwards. Chavis is leaning more and more on freshmen because the upperclassmen keep failing on the job. But it's not like Chavis forgot how to coach over the summer.

And at least our defense isn't as bad as A&M's.

Bad programs panic. They look for disaster around every corner, which then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Good programs don't over-react to one game, no matter how lousy it felt. This game felt so awful mainly because this was so rare. This was the first game LSU lost in the regular season that it "shouldn't" have lost in FOUR YEARS.

Two and half awful games a decade is not a bad rate. Sure, I'd prefer it to be zero, but everyone gets upset eventually. It happens. The key is learning from the loss and making sure it doesn't happen again. I hope every Tiger wakes up in a cold sweat, dreaming about this game. I want it stick with every coach and every player. Losing sucks.

Most of LSU's goals for the year are gone. There will be no national title, and an SEC title seems pretty darn unlikely, though I guess it is possible. A BCS bowl isn't off the table, nor is a top ten season. But know what we have to do for that to happen?

That's right. Beat Bama.

That hasn't changed. We can't get everything we wanted out of this season, but there are still huge goals to play for, particularly stopping the Red Menace. No one else is gonna do it. You think Tennessee is going to pull that upset? Yeah, me neither.

As always, it's up to us to save college football. We might not be able to have our dream season, but we can still ruin Alabama's. And isn't that worth playing for?