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First Impressions: LSU 48, Furman 16

When is a blowout not a blowout?

It's Furman, guys.
It's Furman, guys.
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Lazy. Sloppy. Uninspired. We're getting all too familiar with dismal efforts from LSU these last two seasons. I'm not talking about bad physical performances, but just a lack of effort.

How does a team that just got humiliated by Ole Miss come out flat for Homecoming? Yes, I know it's Furman, but come on. That was just a pitiful effort in the first half. Somebody said something in the locker room, and LSU came out like gangbusters in the second and won the game going away.

But this game was 20-16 at the half. 20-16. To friggin' Furman. Furman's not even a good FCS team, as they fall to 3-5 on the season.

By the end of the night, order had been restored and everybody got their gaudy stat lines. Mettenberger threw for 328. Both Hill and Magee topped 100 yards rushing. Beckham had 204 yards receiving. LSU won the yardage game 672-198. This turned into a complete blowout.

Don't be fooled. This was another discouraging effort right on the heels of the Ole Miss loss. Anyone looking for some warm fuzzy feelings headed into the November stretch drive could find some of those, but this was mainly a repeat of all of the same problems we have seen all year.

Allowing only 39 yards in the second half is great, but that should've been the first half. This game should have been over by halftime, instead of needing a great third quarter to assert a significant lead. It's not that there were problems in the first half, it's that they were the same problems. Miles got on himself for not preparing the team properly last week, and here we are again, with a team not prepared properly.

If this team was ever going to come out big to show that last week was just a fluke, it should have been tonight. Go up early. Go up big. Then hit the parties. Instead, this team struggled again. The problem isn't the talent. It's all in the effort.

LSU can't keep waiting until the half to start putting forth a full effort. The effort in this game was crap. Total crap. It just won't cut it going forward.