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LSU-Alabama Hype Promo Says...

Enjoy Halloween...

Well here we are...Devil's Night.

Some might say it' kind of night...but I'm really not that bad of a guy. I even love Halloween. It's a night that a man can change his face. But you cannot change your fate, Alabama. No, that time will come in just 10 days.

I always enjoyed Halloween as a boy. But then, other little boys and girls never really liked to trick or treat with me. Maybe I was a bit confused on the whole idea, but for me, the trick was the treat. Watching somebody stick their hand in my bag...oh they thought it would be a piece candy...but what happened next, well that was always sweet for me.

November 9. That is the day, Alabama. That is the day, that you and I stand face to face. Only it won't be when the sun is shining, is it? No, it's going to be at night. My time. The time when all those things that you don't like to think about come out of their holes. Creeping...crawling...slithering. The kind of things that saddle right up to you. So close, and yet...unseen. And then there's that little pinprick on your ankle. That warm feeling...traveling up your leg. And your realize that you can't feel that leg any more. Maybe you'll never feel it again.

What is it about that time. About those things. That just...attracts me so? Some might say it's the shadow. The way it casts all in the same light, no matter how dirty our soul may be. Some say I just like sneaking up on a man when he's not looking. But it's not that. Seeing a man with his eyes wide. His pulse quicken'd. Insecurely secure in the knowledge...that he is not safe...with the lights out. That's something that I enjoy.

Make no mistake, Crimson Tide. That Saturday night, there will not be any snake in the grass for you to worry about. The only serpent you have to fear will be standing eye to eye with you. Ready to strike. Ready, to wrap these hands around your head. Ready, to say those three letters...D...D...T. And ready to deliver...your end.

Trust me.