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LSU-Alabama: Stat Watch

Starting to break into preparation for next week’s big LSU-Alabama matchup, here are a few numbers to watch for.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport


The Crimson Tide's defensive pass efficiency on the season. No. 2 in the SEC and No. 8 nationally.


LSU's pass defense rating -- third in the conference, 33rd in the country.


The average ranking of the team passer rating of Alabama's eight opponents. LSU's eight FBS opponents rank 59th on average (as Furman is not FBS, I can't rank them in relation to the other eight teams on the schedule).

191.0 & 95.8

LSU's team passing efficiency on third down, and the Tide's passing defense rating on that down.


The number of first downs LSU's defense has allowed in 80 third-down pass attempts. Bama has allowed 21 in 75.


Alabama's team total for tackles for loss on the season. LSU has 49, tied for fifth in the SEC (with Vandy) and No. 38 nationally.


The percentage of both LSU and Alabama's plays that have resulted in a sack/tackle for loss. The Tigers have allowed 37 in 582 plays, the Tide 32 in 518.


The Tide's average yardage allowed per play. Good for second in the SEC, but their highest number in the Saban era. LSU's 5.10 allowed, likewise, is the highest allowed in the Chavis era.


LSU's average yards per play. Alabama averages 7.15. Both totals are the highest either team has had under their current head coaches.