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Odell Beckham Jr. Chasing History

Odell Beckham Jr. could be atop the LSU record books by season's end.

Stacy Revere

A few weeks back, after we drubbed UAB, I wrote a little something about Odell Beckham and how his numbers were pacing history. At the time, we were just two games into the season, and probably all still a bit leery of whether our offensive production was a mirage (some of us still aren't so sure). Even if we did believe what we were seeing was the truth, two games is hardly the type of snapshot that could give us predictive data. It's fun to dream, but a little more concrete data gives us a better picture of what is actually able to be accomplished. We're now halfway through the season, so let's check in with where Beckham stands.

First, let's lay out any and all possible records Beckham could pursue.

Receptions: 94

Receiving Yards: 1,740

Receiving Yards Per Game: 145

Yards Per Catch: 20.5

Receiving TDs: 12

Punt Return Yards: 539

KO Return Yards: 932

All-Purpose Yards: 2,120

Now, let's take a look at Beckham's numbers through the first six games this season.

35 Catches
686 receiving yards
6 receiving TDs
3 carries, 33 rushing yards
7 punt returns, 74 yards
19 KO returns, 476 yards
1 failed FG return, 100 yards

1,369 Total Yards and 7 TDs

Well, first of all, we can outright dismiss any notion that he may make a run at Josh Reed's reception and yardage totals. Beckham is currently on pace for a 70-catch, 1,372 yard season, which is absolutely tremendous, but the presence of Jarvis Landry alone means he purely won't see enough targets to reach the reception total, and unless he puts up some monster yardage totals, he won't even sniff that number either.

The receiving touchdowns is mark very much in sight, and he's pacing to match that number exactly. Seeing as how the LSU defense isn't exactly shutting opponents out this season, LSU will need to score a lot of points to win games, so that should aid his cause for breaking that record. Except, his running mate, Landry, is already at 7 TDs and should pass the number as well. We could see a new 1/2 in single season receiving touchdowns by season's end.

Punt return yards are an extreme long shot, but those things tend to pile up quickly, so you never know. As for KO return yards, he's on pace for 952, which would put him just a hair over what Patrick Peterson did in 2010. Peterson managed it on just 32 returns for an insane 29.1 yards per return. Beckham is currently averaging a strong 25.1.

Now the one record he's absolutely on pace to crush is the single-season all-purpose yardage mark set by Domanick Davis in 2002. Beckham is averaging 228.2 yards a contest, on pace for 2,738 total yards, an impressive mark. In case you were wonder, the national record is 3,249, so very little hope for that. To break the LSU record, Beckham needs just 752 total yards, or roughly 125 a game. Considering he's averaging about three kick returns a game, and 25 yards on average on those, he basically just needs to chip in 50 yards rushing/receiving/punt returning a game and he'll be LSU's new single season all-purpose yardage leader.

We're in the midst of watching one of the best single seasons by any LSU player ever. We're in the midst of watching of the best careers in by any LSU player ever. Enjoy it, Tiger fans, these types of things don't come around often.