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A Flair For the Game: Florida

Once again, my guest at this time, here to talk about Saturday’s huge matchup, the one, they only, the Nature Boy -- Ric Flaaaaair!

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO-OOOOOOO! BOY I TELL YA! They are hot tonight, aren't they Gene? There are a couple here that might even get in line for Space Mountain.

It's another week at the pinnacle of college sports, and everybody wants a piece. So who is comin' to town this week but the Florida Gators and that Nickelback-listenin' head coach of theirs. Lemme tell ya somethin' Will Muschamp! When Ric Flair sees a man that angry, well, something tells me that frustration begins in the home boy! WOOOOOOO!

Now the Nature Boy doesn't know much about domestic troubles. When you spend all your time in million-dollar homes, drivin' fast cars and livin' the high life, let's just say that things tend to fall my way when it comes to women.

That state of Florida has been reeeeeallll good to Ric Flair over the years! WOOOOOOOOOO! I love those sugar white beaches in the panhandle! And, WOOO! those bronzed beauties down in South Beach! But I got nothin' to say for the middle part of that state. Look, the Nature Boy isn't interested in any place that uses mosquito bites as a form of currency. These $10,000 robes do a pretty good job of keepin' out the pests. You won't ever see no dirt-poor Floridian in one either! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Gators! Y'all think you're gonna come into the Nature Boy's house and call ME out! You're lookin' at a finely conditioned athlete that's at the top of his game right here Jack! When I'm in that ring, I conduct business, and then I style! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! and profile and give every woman in that building everything they've been dying to see!

So take a long look Gators! And ask yourself one question! Do you really think you're ready to get in the ring with a real world's champion? WOOOO!