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Playin' Nice: Good Bull Hunting

Dr. Norris Camacho and ColoradoAg of the always-crucial Good Bull Hunting talk Tigers-Ags.

1. Johnny Manziel as a sophomore: how is he different on the field from last year?

Camacho: It's clear that he's determined to rely on his arm more this year than last year, sometimes almost to a fault. He's trying to buy more time to make throws downfield instead of immediately taking off and scrambling. It can be frustrating at times but it also has paid off on some big plays.

2. Four different guys have more than 30 catches on this team, but Mike Evans still has more than double the receiving yards of anybody else -- how important has he become to this offense?

Camacho: You can't overstate how vital he is to this offense now that he's more or less healthy. Last year he was fighting a nagging hamstring issue and still cracked 1,000 yards, but this year he has the ability to both work the corners on short passes and be a legitimate deep threat to stretch the field.

3. One team has held A&M under 500 yards of offense this season -- Rice -- but no offense is perfect. What have teams managed to do that has frustrated or slowed this offense at times?

ColoradoAg: Well let's be clear - Rice probably has one of the best defenses of all time. In seriousness, I think the main thing that slows this offense is when Johnny is pressured coupled with pocket containment. That has forced him into bad decisions that lead to turnovers. The score suggests otherwise, but I was impressed with Mississippi State's spurts of containing Johnny, forcing a bad throw, and being opportunistic in the secondary. Finally, the offense sometimes has struggles in short yardage situations and I'm not really sure why. I suppose the Air Raid sometimes makes getting one yard difficult.

4. But as great as the Aggie offense has been, the defense has really struggled. What's gone wrong on that side of the ball?

ColoradoAg: The defense is incredibly young -- particularly in the front seven. The talent is there, but it is extremely raw right now. Basics like tackling and assignments are sometimes non-existent. It's quite maddening. We've also lost the scant number of veterans on the defense to injury for extended periods of time. The Ags can't stop the run, so as you can imagine, Jeremy Hill has me terrified.

5. Last year was such a fun, encouraging one for Aggie fans in the new conference. Has that attitude maintained, or is success spoiling success any?

ColoradoAg: Last year was so much fun because it was so unexpected. No one knew who Johnny really was in August. We had to listen to so much bullshit about how we'd lose every game in the mighty SEC for all time. It ignited a devprived, hungry fan base that had witnessed gross underachievement for over a decade.

I think the attitude has maintained, but it's funny how human nature makes expectations shift. Don't get me wrong, 10 wins and a Cotton Bowl win are not ambitious enough expectations, but we are still in rebuilding -- especially on defense.

6. Final thoughts on the game and a prediction?

Camacho: I see this one as potentially being a wild one with both offenses going crazy, but we pull it off in the end and Sumlin remains undefeated in SEC road play. 44-42 Aggies.

7. Also, will Johnny sign this for me?

Camacho: Sure. Here: