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Playin' "Nice": Good Bull Hunting

Who says the Aggies have no sense of humor?

1. Can I call Reveille "General Dog"? And give him a corn-cob pipe and some medals?

Camacho: Sure, call "him" whatever you want. Just be prepared to take a (now-sheathed) sabre-beating when they remind you that it's a "she."

ColoradoAg: Little known fact - MISS Reveille likes to wind down after a long day in her smoker's robe and a doggie bowl of Merlot.

2. Y'all do know that dead dogs can't see the score of the game, right?

Camacho: They might not have the best view, but they can definitely feel it. And they can also all recite each and every Fran Newsletter verbatim if you throw $1200 in pennies upon their headstones may they rest in peace.

ColoradoAg: They have XM radio buried with them to hear the scores, too.

3. Lady Reveille: attractive girl on campus, or most attractive girl on campus?

Camacho: She's a Lady

4. Is it true that if I kill a Yell Leader, I become a Yell Leader?

ColoradoAg: It's true. But take heed - all who have tried have failed. Their skulls are on pikes in the visitors' locker room.

5. Who choreographed all those fancy moves the Yell Leaders do? For that matter, who designed their wardrobes. Because girl, they are fab-u-lous.

ColoradoAg: the uniforms are custom Armani. I think the yell signals were designed at 2 AM at the Dixie Chicken.

6. Do y'all think Kevin Sumlin will retain Ed Orgeron as an assistant when he takes the Southern Cal head coach gig?

Camacho: Absolutely. Could you imagine the recruiting cabal those two could build by bringing in Texas and Louisiana kids to LA? It simply wouldn't be fair at all. And I think Sumlin might actually speak a dialect of Orgeronese, unlike Kiffin.

ColoradoAg: What's a Southern Cal? Is Ed Orgeron the most famous Louisianan in history?

7. How much would Johnny Manziel charge himself to sign his own nose? I assume he varies the rate based on the size of the object.

Camacho: Well, I would find it difficult to believe that he'd charge himself to do anything involving himself, but we could check with Uncle Nate.