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Monday Press Lunch: Week 14 vs Arkansas

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Starts at the 27 minute mark...Congrats to Bill Martin, who is leaving to take and AD job at Mississippi State...Les is surprised by how quickly Thanksgiving has gotten here...was really pleased with Rashard Robinson's performance on A&M's Mike extremely pleased with RB Terrence Magee's work ethic whenever he's on the field...does not talk to Juniors about this potentially being their last home game because that decision has not yet been made for them...isn't a fan of the short week, but knows how to deal with it...He has assisted Juniors who are interested in getting their evaluations from the NFL and gives them advice, but ultimately it's the player's decision to leave early...gets animated talking about James Wright's contributions on special teams...Odell Beckham has a back contusion, "a quality bruise back there" and will be held out of practice a little, no other injury news ....On Thanksgiving:

I think it's definitely the turkey with a warm gravy.  Maybe it's the last spoon or fork of food on the plate, you know, that has a little bit of salt and pepper and maybe a little bit of the turkey and gravy and some of the stuffing that would be there and maybe just a smidgen of that cranberry stuff, right.  Not like a big‑‑ not like an overwhelm, the last bite.  But that right there, oh, my goodness; that last bite's worth a lot.
I might add that the turkey sandwich with mayonnaise, mustard and onions and a little salad and a little lettuce kind of makes for good eating later, too, doesn't it.

Full Transcript via ASAP Sports - Magee, Robinson Named SEC Players of the Week - Football Jumps to No. 15 in AP, Coaches' Polls

LSU Release [PDF]

Arkansas Release [PDF]

SEC Release [PDF] (when availible)

(No Depth Chart changes this week)

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