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A Flair For the Game Is Bringing Some Friends to Tuscaloosa

Our guest at this time to talk about the big Tussle in Tuscaloosa this Saturday, the Nature Boy, Ric Flair.

via @LSUFreek


David Crocket! Tony Schiavone! For all my life, I've lived by a code, and that is to BE. THE MAN. You have got to beat the man! Now Alabama, credit where it's due -- you've had the Nature Boy's number lately!

But listen up! And listen good! I didn't become the gold standard in this business the easy way! I didn't have nobody settin' up some string of tomato cans to keep ME on top! No sir! And this Saturday, when I walk that aisle in Bryant-Denny Stadium, I know I'm gonna have to style and profile like NEVER BEFORE!

But I always say, never do by yourself, that what you can do with your friends! WOOOOO! So Alabama! When the Nature Boy comes to town, he ain't comin' alone...

/holds up four fingers

//James J. Dillon walks on set with Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson and Tully Blanchard

Dillon: You are so right Ric! The band is back together folks! When you're a member of the Four Horsemen, you never walk alone, and this Saturday Alabama, you're going to have to deal with the whole group! Tell ‘em Double-A!

Arn Anderson: That's right. THAT'S RIGHT PEOPLE! Wherever the Nature Boy goes, the other Horsemen are right there with him, whether it's in the gym in the morning, in the VIP room at night, or walkin' that aisle to do what we do best -- takin' care of business in that ring!

Flair: Alabama! What you're lookin' at right here is the elite organization in professional sports. When the Horsemen come to town, we do things the way we want, when we want, to whomever we want!

If I want to get down on my knees and slap that bowtie-wearin' piece of Mobile trailer trash A.J. McCarron, I DO IT!

If Arn wants to cut T.J. Yeldon down to size, HE DOES IT! And then it's Ole! And then it's Tully! And it's all three of ‘em, holdin' down that stumpy little head coach of yours, so that I can get down on my knees and spit in his face, and then do one of these numbers.

/smacks hand back and forth

We're gonna fly in to Atlanta! Take a 30-foot stretch limousine to Birmingham! And then it's Tuscaloosa, ridin' down Magnolia Drive while every girl LINES UP. When the Horsemen come to town, they bring hell with ‘em for the Crimson Tide! And brother, heaven for every single one of those Sweet Home Alabama coeds! WOOOOOOOO!

Girls! Whether it's the Houndstooth! Gallettes! Five Bar! City Café or Cypress Inn! If you see the limousine, and you're over 18 years of age, come get in line! But you better be ready darlin' because if you want to catch on with the Horsemen. It's an all. Night. Ride!