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Postgame Reaction: LSU @ Alabama

Well that sucked.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Losing to Alabama sucks. Always.

I don't have anything terribly insightful to say. The fact is, Alabama completely, and totally, outplayed us in the 2nd half. For a half, LSU looked like a team that could play with anyone in the nation. Unfortunately, football games are not won in single halves. It'd be nice to say that the team that made the fewest mistakes won the game. Sure, LSU made two bonehead turnovers in the 1st half. Sure, both changed the landscape of the game. But when you play a 2nd half as bitterly poor as LSU played, you aren't beating anyone, much less Alabama.

Gary seemed to full-heartedly believe that the loser of the game was simply the team that could run the ball better. Maybe he's right. Alabama completely steam rolled us in the 2nd half. For all the effort and heart and tackling we showed through 30 minutes; it all went away.

I'm sure a lot of the LSU fanbase will say we failed to "adjust." I'm not sure how rooted in reality that sentiment actually is. LSU outplayed Alabama in the 1st half... and still trailed. That's a problem. There's no reason LSU shouldn't have lead 7-0. There's no reason LSU shouldn't have lead at the half. But a pair of costly turnovers meant LSU played admirably well... and were still losing. When you move the ball as well as LSU did the first half, I'm not sure you enter half time and say, "Throw out the game plan! Let's do something different!" You have every reason to believe it will continue to work.

The fact is, LSU didn't lose because of poor game plans. LSU didn't lose because the coaching was poor. LSU lost because Alabama was simply better tonight. Is Alabama an unstoppable force that cannot be beaten? Hardly. In fact, as I drunkenly, though unapologetically, suggested on Twitter, I think Florida State could, and will, rock this Alabama team.

As for what's left. Well, LSU plays a Texas A&M team that is explosive on offense. It's a potentially scary match-up for a defense that pales in comparison to the standards we hold. We conclude against a hapless Arkansas team, but it's reasonable to be concerned about the mental standing of this team. By LSU standards, the season is over. There is nothing left to play for. No SEC Title. No National Title. Nothing of any meaning. Let's sure hope Les can get this squad motivated for the final two games, so this season doesn't turn into an albatross.