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A Flair For the Game: the Outback Bowl

The Nature Boy is ready to ring in the New Year with some new faces.

This is a time of the year where the Nature Boy likes to sit down and take stock of all the great things goin' on in my life. My 5,000-square foot mansion! My fleet of expensive cars! All the things that a man of my means -- a man born with a golden spoon in my mouth can afford. And then there are the LEGIONS, of long-legged women that are in line TWENTY-FOUR-SEVEN, for a ride on Space Mountain! WOOO!

But never say, that Ric Flair, is not a man of the people! I love to show off my lifestyle, so that everybody gets a taste of the things that they can't have! And I LOVE to get in that ring and put on a show for the thousands of Nature Boy fans the WORLD OVER!

And in a couple days, I'm gonna ring in the New Year with the Iowa Hawkeyes.WOOOO!

Now Hawkeyes, allow me to introduce myself. My name's Ric Flair. I'm the sixteen tiiiiiime world heavyweight champion. I'm wearing a custom-made suit from Yves Saint Laurent that cost $3,000. These alligator shoes are Gucci, and they cost $700. This Rolex watch on my wrist is platinum, and it cost $30,000. And I'm wearin' all of this because I get paid more to show up and kick your butt than you're gonna make in your whole lives!

Hawkeyes, Florida may seem like a different place for a lot of you, but don't be afraid. That big bright ball in the sky, we call that the sun, and you should try and see a lot of it. Get some color in that pasty white skin of yours. That nice, fresh smell, that's the Gulf of Mexico. Now I want you to bring your girl, take her to the beach, take her out to a nice dinner, celebrate New Year's Eve, and SHOW HER THE TIME OF HER LIFE. Because on January 1, when she gets an up-close-and-personal look at the Nature Boy stylin' and profilin', WOOOOOOOO-OOOOOOO-OOOO!!!!


Brother, you're gonna have a hard time keepin' that corn-pone queen back on the farm. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!