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Hey You: Check It Out, LSU Has A Huge Recruiting Weekend

While the football team waits to hear their bowl game destination, the coaching staff will be hosting their biggest weekend of official visitors this weekend

Chris Graythen

Despite the clutch win this past Friday, the current week got started on a sour note when Laurence Jones committed to Alabama, leaving a lot of recruiting enthusiasts angered at the decision. Always thinking on his toes however, Les saw a negative buzz arising and decided to turn up the heat in getting another top-tier safety to make a visit, along with a who's who of top recruits in Louisiana and neighboring Texas.

"But cdub, the list isn't even that impres..." Hold on right there random internet reader. How is this for a visit list:

Brandon Harris, QB, Parkway High (Ed. Note: reportedly will not be in due to a death in the family)

Ed Paris, CB/S, Mansfield Timberview (Texas)

To use a title from the greatest sports movie series, The Mighty Ducks, the Bash Brothers of LSU recruiting will both be in attendance this weekend. These two were the first recruits to sign their financial aid agreements and it only makes sense they have stood out as fan favorites with their apparent hatred towards Alabama following Hootie's decision. The appearance of Paris is huge for this weekend as he will likely be the shadow of summer Goon Squad teammate...

Jamal Adams, S, Hebron (Texas)

While LSU has maintained contact with Adams for the majority of the regular season, the heat was turned to 100 degrees on Adams this week, paying him an in-home visit (which Paris was at, goes to show you how close these two are) and will now have him as an official visitor this weekend. It was known for awhile that Florida held a sizable lead for his signature, but since that dumpster fire in Gainesville was reignited with an embarrassing loss to no-passing-yards Georgia Southern, things have gone more open to the point that most think this has turned into an LSU and Ole Miss battle. The problem is LSU has quad aces in their hand with proximity, the allure of DBU, Paris, and...oh yeah, another summer Goon Squad teammate...

Tony Brown, CB, Beaumont Ozen (yep...Texas)

The power of the hair (if you haven't seen it, just Google "Tony Brown hair" you won't be disappointed) himself will also be an official visitor this weekend. A top-5 cornerback in the nation, Brown will also likely be spending a lot of time with Paris and Adams in an attempt to convince Adams to make LSU his college destination. Tony isn't yet committed to LSU, but again LSU is holding a strong hand, primarily with his sister Bealoved (seriously, how awesome of a name is that) already signed on to run track in Baton Rouge. Be prepared to create some Tony the Tiger memes because I think he will be another addition to this class in the very near future.

(Ed. Note: The inclement weather in Dallas may delay these two getting to town)

Gerald Willis, DT, Edna Karr

Speedy Noil, WR, Edna Karr

The Edna Karr duo will both be making their official visits to Baton Rouge this weekend as well. A top-5 defensive tackle and the composite No. 1 wide receiver have long stated that they will be attending the same college. The battle for their signature is a two-headed race between LSU and Texas A&M, but yet again, LSU is holding another strong hand due to their connections with both of them. Don't expect either of them to head west to College Station and both players would be immediate impact players in the Purple & Gold.

and finally...

Leonard Fournette, RB, St. Augustine

The No. 1 overall recruit anywhere you look, Fournette looks to be the best running back in the high school ranks since Adrian Peterson. If you haven't watched his highlights, I suggest now is the perfect time to go check them out. Due to a conflicting high school schedule, Fournette wasn't able to attend too many college games, but when he did, he was in Tiger Stadium. Again, it's another head-to-head battle with LSU facing Alabama for his services, but LSU does hold the upper hand. While Alabama has recruited numerous other running backs, Fournette would likely be the starter next year and would be head and shoulders above any one else in the backfield if Jeremy Hill decides to go pro. I don't think there should be any worry as to where he will attend.

If you aren't keeping count at home, that would be 5 five-star recruits and 2 four-star recruits, exemplifying the magnitude of this coming weekend. The future looks to be very bright and there is a good chance that LSU will carry a lot of momentum heading into the high school all-star games, where a number of these recruits will be making their college announcements. The regular season may have ended last week, but things are just getting hotter as the recruiting aspect heats up. Next Monday and Tuesday will definitely be a fun time to read the many articles that will come out about this awesome weekend in Baton Rouge.