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End of the Line; LSU Falls to 'Bama 60-57

Johnny O'Bryant had another great game down low for the Tigers, but the guards weren't able to knock down the key shots that LSU needed. LSU did make a semi-comeback late, but the Tigers were unable to get the margin lower than two points.


For whatever reason, this year more than ever, teams are finding it extremely difficult, if not impossible to win on the road. LSU is no different, as the Tigers lost another game away from home to Alabama 60-57. Despite the fact that LSU did beat the spread, they were not able to execute their game plan well enough to get the win. The press did work quite well at the end of the game and gave LSU a chance, but overall, LSU's defense was always just a step behind.

As mentioned above, Johnny O'Bryant had another great game and finished with 22 points and 11 rebounds. He was very efficient overall, though he still struggled with turnovers and finished with 5 total. Shavon Coleman had a decent game as well and finished with 11 points and 4 rebounds before he fouled out.

The stat lines for the guards aren't nearly as impressive. Anthony Hickey had one of his worst games, finishing with 8 points on 4-11 shooting. He wasn't able to hit any key threes when LSU was trying to tie the game. Andre Stringer was able to make a pair himself, but Alabama's defense made it difficult for him to get open looks. Charles Carmouche did have a good game rebounding, finishing with 7, but his shooting was off as well and he only finished with 3 points.

Overall, I think it's disappointing that LSU wasn't able to pick up a win, but I'm glad they've generally improved their play from where it was a couple of weeks ago. Johnny Jones clearly isn't comfortable with his bench anymore, and the lack of depth will make it difficult for LSU to win too many of these "grind it out" games. LSU will continue to transition to Jones' new coaching philosophy, as it tends to rely on pressure defense more than "honest" defense that relies on discipline.

Up next for the Tigers is a trip over to Columbia, SC for a rematch against the Gamecocks. It's an entirely winnable game, but LSU will have to learn from this loss and apply the lessons learned in the game(AKA get JOB even more involved). JOB III is a much better player now that he is healthy.