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Five Things: 2/5

Stacy Revere

1. Looking beyond tomorrow's Signing Day festivities, the mothership's Andrew Fairburn has his latest first-round NFL mock draft up, accounting for any bumps players may have gotten from the recent Senior Bowl and other various postseason all-star games. It features Barkevious Mingo going No. 2 which is...interesting, along with Kevin Minter joining him in the first round. Sam Montgomery, curiously, is absent. I do have to say, I would be over the freaking moon if the Saints somehow nabbed Bjoern Warner at the No. 15 slot.

2. Great stuff from our Bill Connelly on the 2009 recruiting cycle, which paid off handsomely for LSU, but not so much for some other programs that finished pretty high in the national rankings. I've always been of the theory that a couple of Urban Meyer's recruiting failures, and a lack of desire to clean up after them (coughcoughJohnBrantleycough), had a dramatic aspect on his burnout in Gainesville.

3. If I may add to Drew Magary's great observations on the Super Bowl Blackout, there are a very, very few studio sports hosts of any real value, and college football is extremely lucky to have two of them in Chris Fowler and Rece Davis. Let this offseason give you a greater appreciate of how lucky we are to have College Gameday, because the reality is it won't be around in its present form much longer.

4. Reminder, the Mothership's national recruiting experts' final predictions can be read heya.

5. Finally, between twitter and the various message boards, rumors of some anticipated changes to the LSU coaching staff are starting to circulate. I probably don't know any more than any of you at this point, but I would encourage everybody to temper enthusiasm until after signing day. Rumors of coach reshuffling usually aren't something you want out there around this time, plus such reports can throw off timing, if not affect these deals in general. I'll have some thoughts when things are a bit more substantiated.