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SEC Powerpoll Week 5

After a week where we were a little bit busy, here's what the state of the SEC looks like. For LSU, the goal should be to get to 6th place this season. They will want to avoid Florida as much as possible in the SEC tournament, and get the easiest team possible assuming they can make the quarterfinals.


Florida Gators- Florida has been dominant up until this part of the season and should be the team to represent the SEC in the NCAA tournament. They should get a good test from Arkansas to see how elite they might be. (EDIT: As it turns out, not very elite AT ALL.)

Kentucky Wildcats- Coach Cal's squad has rebounded nicely and picked up some good road wins over Ole Miss and Texas AM. They have work to do still but are in better shape than they were last week.

Ole Miss Rebels- Simply put, I think they were totally exposed. They played a soft schedule all year and fell against the only teams that mattered. They might be an NCAA team still but I don't think they have a very high ceiling for this season.

Alabama Crimson Tide- I slid Alabama up here simply because they have played better than almost anyone else lately. They were scarred heavily in the non-conference but they could still make a late season push.

Missouri Tigers- The loss to LSU was pretty inexcusable, especially since leading scorer Laurence Bowers returned to action and was effective. Phil Pressey has to play better as a senior.

Georgia Bulldogs- I can't really argue with recent results; they've won four of the last five with the lone loss coming to Florida.

Arkansas Razorbacks- It's the same story for Arkansas every week; they can win at home but can't win on the road. We'll see how they do against Florida.

LSU Tigers- Why not? LSU picked up two hard fought wins over Missouri and Mississippi State. With an easier slate coming up, they could get some forward momentum.

Texas AM Aggies- One OT win and one OT loss. It's better than most in the SEC and they were competitive with Kentucky again after pulling the upset at Rupp.

Tennessee Volunteers- Unlike everyone else, the Vols picked up a win. Unfortunately, this season has still been a disaster.

South Carolina Gamecocks- The Gamecocks are still rebuilding and I think it's mostly coaching from Frank Martin that is keeping them above water. He needs time to get some better athletes.

Vanderbilt Commodore- They are by far the most up and down team in the SEC. They can compete with the best and lose to the worst.

Auburn Tigers- After a good start to conference play the Tigers have fallen on hard times. Tony Barbee's seat gets hotter with each loss.

Mississippi State Bulldogs- MSU had LSU on the ropes and couldn't finish the game. With how poorly LSU was playing for 35 minutes, it's inexcusable that they lost.