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LSU Football 2013 NFL Draft Profiles: P.J. Lonergan

We begin a look at the NFL Draft prospects of LSU's departing players with a three-year stalwart at the center position.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Position: Center
Combine Height/Weight: 6-3, 304 pounds
LSU Listed Height/Weight: 6-4, 305 pounds
Arm Length: 33 inches
40-Yard Dash Time: N/A
Bench-Press Reps (of 225 pounds): 25


Strong reach and combo-blocker for zone plays...solid in pass (multi-time SEC Honor Roll), and rarely missed a line call...a lead-by-example type that absorbed a lot of punishment in his career and played with nagging injuries...was very well-respected by his teammates, which is a quality you want in a center...


Struggled against head-up tackles, especially in odd-front schemes...could be overwhelmed by elite defensive linemen, both with quickness and the bull-rush...a bit clumsy when moving to the second level on zone plays, and will struggle if asked to pull...performance could be very uneven at times -- would have a great game, then spend a lot of time on the ground in another...likely has a lot of wear-n-tear in his joints...


Lonergan was a great leader for the Tigers for the last three seasons, and mentally, there's a lot for the NFL to like. But there's just too much lacking in the physical department. The best tackles on LSU's schedule tended to overwhelm him, which doesn't speak too well of what Lonergan will face in the NFL. And while teams will love his warrior mind-set, his medical report is also likely to be a check against him. Draft range anywhere from the sixth-round to undrafted.