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LSU v. Цоммунисм , Game 2 GAMETHREAD

The Americans are coming!

Comrades! Tonight we renew the fight against the Red Menace. Oh sure, they say their mascot is the Colonels, but we know it's just a front for those Commie bastards. Let's spank those red diaper babies.

Seriously, tell me that mascot isn't a communist.

Nicholls State Colonels Communists

2013 Record: 9-8

2013 RS/RA: 81/70

2013 RPI: 179

2013 ISR: 107

Ancient Logo:



Notable Alumni:

Мы отвергаем понятие что один человек более заметным, чем предыдущая. Мы все работаем вместе, для достижения одной и той же общей цели. Мы должны воспользоваться средствами производства и раздавить буржуазной элиты. Работники всех стран, соединяйтесь!

Pretentious Music Video:

Communist superstars The (International) Noise Conspiracy. No, seriously.

Capitalism Stole My Virginity by T(I)NC

Starter: LHP Zach Thiac (1-1, 5.40 ERA, 16.2 IP, 13/4 K/BB)

You can't be 100% sure they won't change their minds, but Thiac has been the midweek starter so far this year. He's a freshman lefty he worked his way into the rotation through some quality pitching in the season's first weeks, but he's been a disaster in the rotation so far. As a starter, he's thrown 9 innings and allowed 10 runs, 9 of them earned. His K/BB ratio has plummeted to 4/3 as a starter, and it wouldn't surprise me if Nichols pulled the plug before he made it to the mound, or had him on a very short leash.


RF Mike Barba 327/393/436

CF Matt Richard 324/380/479

2B Philip Lyons 300/ 455/467

The problem is not that these are the team's three best hitters. The problem is that the dropoff in production is pretty steep after them. Barba and Richard have a pretty hack-tastic approach at the plate, which results in a ton of strikeouts. The LSU pen has to be licking their chops.

Tiger Bait?

Они падут как матери России. Их единственная надежда должен иметь массивные холодный фронт заморозить оккупационной армии, которая вряд. Он работал против Наполеона. Мы должны стереть их под наши ботинки как пыль. Мы должны топать их, пока они являются мелкий порошок, а затем мы должны добавить воду, чтобы мы можно топать на них несколько больше. Мы собираемся раздавить их.

That's what they get for stealing "geaux" for their website. Geaux Colonels, my left one.