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Stringer Saves LSU; Tigers 68-63 Over Georgia

The first game of the SEC Tournament had a little bit of everything for the Tigers. From a big lead to vomit on the sidelines, LSU was able to pick up a win on Thursday afternoon for another game with Florida tomorrow.


It's not often that I'm able to write post game recaps anymore, but I love doing it. Especially when LSU is able to provide more than enough content to write about. Whether it was the heroics of Shavon Coleman, the clutch shooting of Andre Stringer, or the domination inside by Johnny O'Bryant, I could go on forever about how great this game was for the Tigers.

First and foremost, a big round of applause has to go to Shavon Coleman for his outstanding game today. He finished with 24 points and 6 rebounds on an awesome shooting day. Coleman finished shooting 9 of 11 for the game. The big story, however, was the fact that he was caught on camera vomiting into garbage cans, and also running into the locker room after picking up a foul. It was an incredible effort by an obviously sick player to play so well in a crucial game.

At the same time, Andre Stringer's contributions cannot be ignored. The highlights will show exactly what I will say. LSU led for much of this game by double digits, but when it came down to the final minute, LSU's lead was only by two points. It was 63-61, and LSU had not scored at all in over five minutes. With the shot clock at :03 when he released the ball, Stringer nailed an NBA range three to go ahead by five. After another two free throws, the junior put the final nails in the coffin. I need to point out, however, that Stringer was the second most valuable player on the team today, and his scoring and precision shooting was another big reason the Tigers won.

As for the rest of the team, it wasn't all bad, nor was it all good. JOB3 finished with 12 points and 12 rebounds, but missed 11 free throws. A performance like that again could doom the Tigers, despite the fact that he was extremely difficult to guard. Jalen Courtney played a decent game, though the stats do not show it. He finished with 4 points and 2 rebounds, but all of them were key in LSU's win today. Carmouche had a tough game, mostly because of some tough(bad) foul calls against him that kept him conservative defensively, but his presence kept Georgia honest on defense.

Looking ahead, the Tigers will want to rest up and be ready for Florida tomorrow afternoon. The Gators crushed LSU in January, though I think LSU will have a much more competitive game in March. Anthony Hickey may have something to say now that he is being let loose on the defense, and JOB3 can certainly go head to head with any forward from UF.