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LSU Football 2013 NFL Draft Profiles: The Best of the Rest

We've been through the former Tiger stars that are most likely to hear their names called this week. But what about the rest of the upperclassmen with NFL dreams?

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Shepard

He arrived at LSU as the highest of high-profile recruits, but despite some flashes of big-play ability, Shepard was never a consistent offensive threat. He never seemed to really adjust to a position change at wide receiver; his routes and hands were always shaky. As a runner, he could be explosive on one-cut zone plays, but wasn't terribly shifty in the open field. Overally, Shepard is really a man without a position. Too tall and skinny for running back, but without the necessary skills and polish to be much of a receiver.

One of the more interesting sub-plots to Shepard's draft process has been that several teams have been working him out as a defensive back. He doesn't have the change-of-direction skills for corner, but his size could translate well to safety. Shepard was always a willing and eager blocker and special teams gunner, and that might just give him the right mind-set to make that transition. The question is whether he's willing to really dedicate himself and learn. It wouldn't be an easy process and he wouldn't have much margin for error. He'd have to show a lot more discipline and dedication than he did in Baton Rouge. A team might take a flyer on him in the sixth or seventh rounds due to his speed, but I don't expect Shepard to be selected this week.

Brad Wing

Ambidextrous athlete with exceptional skills as a punter. Has a big leg, a fast release and uses skills developed in Aussie Rules football to put English on the football that helps it avoid big bounces. Great hang-time and accuracy in directional kicking. Dropped an amazing 14 punts inside the 10 in a 2011 season that saw him redefine how a punter can affect a game, and become a legitimate superstar in the game. The problem is that the next season, it appeared to go to his head slightly. Wing was suspended for LSU's bowl game last year, and was issued a misdemeanor summons for battery in the summer of 2011.

Wing's issues probably wouldn't hamper such a talent at other skill positions, but they are certainly more than what most NFL coaches will want to deal with from a specialist. Nevertheless, Wing's a special talent that is almost certain to hear his name called in this draft, sometime after the fourth round. Where exactly will depend on what team needs a punter bad enough.

Chancey Agayere

Highly recruited, but was never able to be more than a rotational defensive lineman for LSU. Agahyere suffered a major back injury his senior year of high school and never seemed to truly regain his strength or explosion. Managed to get by on hustle and by using his hands well, and was always considered dependable. Undrafted free agent.

Josh Downs

Short, stocky defensive tackle with a thick trunk that helps give him a good first step. Downs is the stereotypical high-motor guy. He always found ways to get in the backfield, but not on a down-in-down out basis, even as a rotation player. What's more, he struggled with a number of injuries. Undrafted free agent.

Chase Clement

Mean, tough SOB as a blocker. Tone-setter that fits in well with roughneck linemen, but just a one-sided player. Lacks the speed to get open against linebackers, and his hands aren't particularly reliable either. Still, Clement may have an outside chance of making a roster as a third tight end. But he'll have to do it the undrafted route.

Josh Dworacyk

Tall, lean, nasty blocker that uses his hands well to get a punch on defenders. Played multiple positions, and served as something of a graduate assistant coach during a redshirt season (which may very well be his future). Still, he's a bit tall for guard and struggled as a left tackle his senior season, and could have multiple injury red flags with at least one major knee injury that was made public. Offensive line coaches are going to love Dworaczyk, but no front office will be willing to spend a draft pick. But he should at least get calls as an undrafted free agent.