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Link Gumbo 5/2/13

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Jonathan Daniel

The SEC Network will be officially unveiled later this morning. TeamSpeedKills has all of the details.

The police report from the incident in Tigerland last weekend that got Jeremy Hill arrested is painting a very ugly picture. Cell phone video shows Hill attacking a man from behind and high-fiving a second, unknown assailant after the victim was knocked unconscious. Hill has been suspended indefinitely, with no further comment coming from LSU until the court settles the matter.

There was a curious bit from a conversation Russell Shepard had during an interview with 104.5 ESPN earlier this week where he claimed that the Philadelphia Eagles had signed him as an UDFA before the end of the draft, something that, among other things, would cause PHI to be penalized by the league for draft tampering. The Eagles have since released a statement saying that Shepard hasn't actually signed anything yet, and that they dod not contact him until after the draft. What actually happened will be for the NFL to sort out.

P.J. Lonergan had an extensive interview with the Chicago Sun-TImes this week about joining the Bears as an UDFA and his prospects of making the team. Earlier today, Billy talked with our SBN bros at Windy City Gridiron about the Center.

The rumor mill has been running non-stop since this weekend thanks to a report that Wisconsin is looking to host LSU in a "neutral site game" at legendary Lambeau Field. AD Alleva, when asked for comment, revealed that they are actually working on a 2 game series, with LSU's "home" leg to be played in Houston. My own desires to see a football game at Lambeau Field aside, this is a terrible idea. Why both schools should agree to play this series in smaller venues than either of their home stadiums where they have to split revenue with the building owners is beyond me. Has everyone forgotten how amazing the LSU-WVU series was?

Baseball America has a big profile this week of LSU's #2 starter (and potential 1st round draft pick) Ryan Eades.

Kevin Gausman continues to move closer to The Show with an impressive stat line in AA ball: 28.2 IP, 29K, 1BB. Anthony Ranaudo has also started showing big improvements in the Red Sox minor system.

ESPN has announced a massively ambitious plan to cover all 16 NCAA baseball regionals this year, using all of its network resources and launching a new whip-around coverage channel similar to NFL RedZone for that weekend.

Billy Cannon is making a fine recovery from his stroke earlier this year, enough that he took in the Spring Game from the sidelines.

SBN's Steven Godfrey interviewed coaches at Ole Miss and Miss. St. to see how the Spread Offense is evolving in the college game.

Texas A&M is planning a massive renovation to Kyle Field that will make it the largest stadium in the SEC.

Among the sports news at the Board of Supervisors meeting that approved Cam Cameron's contract last month was one more item of note. LSU will be giving an honorary doctorate to blues legend Buddy Guy.

The LSU Women's Powerlifting team won the USAPL Collegiate Team Powerlifting National Championship earlier this month, their 8th in a row. LSU recently profiled one of their players, JR Natalie Domingue.

In the wake of scandals and the increasing costs of staying competitive, would it be better for some smaller colleges to leave competitive sports all together? SB Nation recently profiled one school that's done just that.

You'll see some new signage around Tiger Stadium this year as the publications dept. has been busy updating them all over Death Valley.

Aaron Nola has become the 2nd LSU Tiger this year to be invited to join Team USA's summer tour. This follows Alex Bregman's invite last month.