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Five Things: 5/28

1. In honor of Memorial Day, here's a reminder of one of the cooler stories of last year's college football season, the one of Clemson wide receiver Daniel Rodriguez:

2. As some of y'all may, or may not, know, my boss Herb Vincent, will be moving on to a new gig with the SEC office this September. Herb's been over my office in University Relations for just about four years now, and I've considered it a real honor to get to work with the guy. He's keeps a cool head at all times, and has a way of making everybody feel like their opinions matter. Herb's been with LSU for a long time in a number of positions. Really given a lot of his life to the university in a way that I envy. I have no doubt he'll do a great job as the league office moves forward with some new ventures.

3. Over at Football Study Hall, Bill C. is deep into his SEC advanced previews, with LSU coming up some time in the next few days. Review them here, as a great primer till Steelemas in the next few weeks.

4. Speaking of stats, had an interesting piece up yesterday running some common factors in Alabama's last seven losses. Not to belittle the list, because they do some good work over there, but a positive turnover ratio, having success on third down and in the red-zone and winning at the line of scrimmage are recipes for success with everybody, so it should come as no surprise that they work versus Alabama.

5. Finally, a special editor's note that this season's offensive prospectus will be dropping tomorrow in two parts, because once again, things ran a bit long.