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Cody Glenn Suspended For The Regional

Cody Glenn
Cody Glenn
ATVS File Photo

There was a shock last night when LSU released it's 27 man active roster for this weekend's Baton Rouge Regional. LHP SO Cody Glenn, the pitcher who started on the road against BR Regional #2 seed ULL earlier this year and the presumptive 3rd starter for the weekend, has been suspended for an unspecified "violation of team rules." Coach Mainieri said that his suspension would be re-evaluated next week if the Tigers advance to the Super Regional round.

This puts LSU in a bit of a bind on the mound, but it certainly should not be too crippling of a blow. You never want to be without all of your best players, but LSU has worked all year at building depth in it's pitching staff. Mainieri confirmed to reporters that the initial plan to pitch Ryan Eades in the opening game this afternoon against Jackson St will continue, presumably with Aaron Nola to follow in game 2 and a decision to be made later on the game 3 starter. Based on the comments, I'm guessing the hope is that Eades can eat up a lot of innings (maybe even a complete game) against the very overmatched Jackson St., leaving the rest of the pitching staff to secure the 2 wins needed to advance to the next weekend.

There is more news in the roster release. 2B JaCoby Jones is making his expected return after battling a hand injury for the last two weeks. Also back in the lineup is OF Mark Laird, who by Mainieri's account has recovered quickly enough from his ankle injury last week to potentially see the field on Sunday.

Below is the press conference Coach Mainieri held yesterday afternoon, before it was revealed that Glenn would not be on the roster for the weekend.

LSU's Roster for the weekend

Michael Barash, C
Alex Bregman, SS
Chris Chinea, C
Alex Edward, OF
Jared Foster, OF
Christian Ibarra, 3B
JaCoby Jones, 2B
Mason Katz, 1B
Mark Laird, OF
Sean McMullen, OF
Tyler Moore, INF
Raph Rhymes, OF
Ty Ross, C
Chris Sciambra, OF
Andrew Stevenson, OF
Casey Yocom, INF

Kevin Berry, RHP
Brent Bonvillain, LHP
Joey Bourgeois, RHP
Chris Cotton, LHP
Ryan Eades, RHP
Nate Fury, RHP
Will LaMarche, RHP
Kurt McCune, RHP
Hunter Newman, RHP
Aaron Nola, RHP
Nick Rumbelow, RHP