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Five Things, May 8th

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Apologies for the sparse posting lately -- real life's been pretty hectic as of late. But don't worry, we're not about to abandon y'all in the offseason desert. Here are a couple odd items for the week.

1. It's that time of the year again - USA Today does their annual update of the athletic department revenue database. Not-so-shockingly, Texas has the top spot, while LSU sits at seventh. The fact that LSU is one of a handful of schools on this list that receive no state budget dollars or university/student fees is one I remain incredibly proud of. Still, Year2 has a great piece warning against drawing too many conclusions from the data here.

2. I refuse to recognize any fried chicken claiming to represent college football not named Raising Cane's or Popeye's. Do they even have Zaxby's in Louisiana?

3. Interesting fodder on recruiting in past years -- the ill-fated 2010 quarterback recruiting class. If you've ever wondered "what if" when it comes to Zach Lee, tell yourself the odds were against him anyway: of the 31 four- or five-star rivals QB recruits from his class, a staggering 22 didn't work out for the team that signed them. They're either playing somewhere else now in the FBS, down in FCS or languishing behind the depth chart at their original destination. It's a good reminder that sometimes recruits are only ranked in relation to the rest of their class, and that sometimes (just like with the NFL Draft -- see Quarterbacks, 2013) it can just be a down year at a position. Look at Rivals' top 20 receiver recruits from 2007. The only real star on the list is Dez Bryant. Sure, there are a few guys there that went on to be starters, and guys like Terrance Toliver and Arrelious Benn certainly had moments at their respective schools. But overall? Blah. Another example: the 2009 defensive tackle crop. Top guy Sheldon Richardson met his hype, but otherwise? Yikes.

4. Great stuff from one of Football Study Hall's new writers, Nickel Rover, on how Tyrann Mathieu might fit into an NFL defense. Not surprisingly, Rover doesn't buy the "overrated" narrative that so many have tried to push in the last year or so.

5. Over at Good Bull Hunting, our Aggy friends are passing some offseason time with a discussion after my inner 80s child's heart: best 80s TV theme music. I think we all know the correct answer here...