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Five Things: 6/21/2013

1. In case you thought only LSU fans upset about the two CWS losses had a bad opinion of the event's new venue, Omaha World-Herald columnist Tom Shatel thinks the new park and the way it plays has adversely affected gameplay as well.

2. Speaking of the CWS, this happened last night...



3. Paul and Kris will likely have more to say soon about some new in-state scholarship offers extended by LSU.

4. Never let it be said we don't say nice things about Alabama. This is one hell of a cool story.

5. In another real job-type deal, let's all bid a fond farewell to one of my favorite people at LSU, Dr. William Jenkins, who is retiring (again) after yet another stint running the university. Dr. Jenkins is one of the nicest fellows you'll ever meet in his position, and as much as I'm sure he's ready for some relaxation with his grandchildren, he will still be missed around Baton Rouge.