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Five Things: 6/28/2013

1. Andy Hutchins (who recently joined up with Deadspin) wrote this outstanding piece on the Aaron Hernandez thing. There's been a lot of internet hand-wringing and Urban Meyer trolling, which gets pretty stupid (and I hate that, because I love trolling Urban Meyer). Somebody died here. That's not a time to make a point about a college football coach or program you dislike.

2. Here's your primer on the nation's big national recruiting event, Nike's The Opening, which will begin on Monday. Just about every major prospect in Louisiana will be on hand.

3. Campus police at Clemson done found the guy what chipped off a piece of Howard's Rock.

4. LSU's 2014 football schedule is starting to clear up slightly.

5. With the new trend being for coaches to announce recruit commitments on twitter via some sort of "codeword," it occurs to me that Les already has one built in.