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Five Things: Baton Rouge Super Regional with ESPN's Kaylee Hartung

OH WE FANCY. That's right, a few questions from ESPN's Kaylee Hartung.

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Breaking free of her usual gig with the Longhorn Network, Baton Rouge native Kaylee Hartung is back in her home town covering her home team. She's not an alum, but Kaylee's a lifelong Tiger fan, and spoke with us about covering this weekend's Super Regional.

1. Some might not know this, but you're a Baton Rouge native yourself. This is LSU baseball, in Alex Box Stadium, with a trip to Omaha on the line. How excited were you when you got the call that you'd be coming home this weekend for this series?

I immediately called my mom and relayed the news in a very excited and high pitched squeal. She had to tell me to slow down and repeat myself, then she screamed. My grandmother cried when I told her. I wish I was exaggerating but I'm not. I realize this may sound extreme... but if you're an LSU fan reading this, then you understand this sort of unbridled excitement is characteristic of a family full of LSU fans.

2. Obviously, you're doing your research on both teams for the weekend, but how much have you been able to follow this particular LSU baseball team?

It's no surprise that LSU is in the position it's in now. We all remember how last season ended. Couple that with the fact that no one on this roster has made it to Omaha (not to mention the talent that carried over from last season), and it was clear this team would be hungry for success. My family attends a good number of home games so they've been my best resource for keeping up with the LSU storylines.

3. Do you still follow a lot of LSU sports, or does your focus get pulled elsewhere being based out of Austin and working for the Longhorn Network?

No matter where my profession takes me I will always follow LSU sports. Yes, my day to day focus is on University of Texas athletics - from tennis to football and everything in between - but with the help of Twitter and my friends and family it's never hard to keep tabs on the Tigers. Truth be told, it's really only problematic during football season when LSU and whatever game I'm working kickoff at the same time. The clear solution here is to have me cover LSU games!

4. With this being a chance to come home for you, are there any local haunts in Baton Rouge that you miss?

Am I allowed to say Bogie's? I think my time in TigerLand has passed... But I hope to get a few great meals in - Ruffino's, Gino's, Mansur's, Sammy's, the list could go on.

5. Everybody knows about the expected standard of professionalism in sports media. Keeping emotions and fan-hood in check and all that. But this is a safe space, so you can be honest. You're going to give just a little fist-pump with every Aaron Nola strikeout, right?

While my family and friends are free to give a fist pump - and I'm sure they will - I'll be in work mode. I consider it a huge responsibility to be the eyes and ears of the broadcast on the field. I have to pay attention to all the details around me - on the field, in the dugout and in the stands - in an effort to contribute unique insight to the broadcast.

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