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Link Gumbo 7/1/13

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Seemingly out of nowhere, AD Alleva announced last week that another raise in football and baseball ticket prices is on the way soon as the department works to keep up with rising costs. It's not all bad news though, as Tradition Fund requirements for season tickets in the East and West Uppers, along with some outfield sections at Alex Box are planned to be removed. I've got a hard time working up any displeasure over this as LSU's ticket prices are some of the more reasonable in the SEC these days.

Besides, I've got something much easier to get annoyed about. Billy linked it last week, but this needs some more attention. Apparently Alleva's constant pestering about the schedule was enough to get a guarantee that LSU wont draw UGA or South Carolina in 2014, meaning that instead of the home side of what I believe will be a fairly excellent home-and-home with UGA, we're going to get a game with either Vandy, Tennessee, Kentucky, or Mizzou. Besides changing out what might have been a premier cross-division matchup for something that screams "Jefferson Pilot time slot", it also means that the 2014 home slate, already not great thanks to a bad OOC lineup, is basically reduced to Alabama and possibly Ole Miss for excitement. In a world where there is concern about home attendance, wouldn't you want to keep the marquee games?

While we're on schedules, the SEC, P12, and BXII are all working increase the amount of weeknight football games that take place each year in their respective conferences.

The 2013 Football Fan Guide is out [PDF Link]. Aside from the cosmetic change of renaming all of the parking lots on campus to use numbers instead of letters, there appear to be no changes from last year's gameday policies.

One of the great "Where Are They Now?" questions of the SEC has a new answer. Woody Widenhofer no longer works at a tollbooth near Destin.

Ahead of the SEC Network launch, schools are pouring millions into upgrading their in-house video production departments.

It's tough to list the Longhorn Network as anything but a disaster these days.

If you pick up a copy of ESPN Mag this week, you may be surprised to see Dylan Moses on the cover. The 6' 1" 215 pound football player for LSU's University Lab School made headlines this year for receiving multiple college offers before playing a down of high school football and is the subject of an in depth profile in this month's issue.

The LaTech AD who's poor negotiating skills caused a 9-3 team to be left out of the bowl season, has abruptly resigned.

McNeese St has a new head baseball coach, former LSU pitcher Justin Hill.

Despite the lowest offensive output in a CWS since 1950, don't expect any changes to come soon to TD Ameritrade Park. And make no mistake about it, the park is the problem.

Anthony Ranaudo has made the roster for this year's MLB Futures Game during All-Star weekend. Kevin Gausman recorded his first major league win with 4 innings of relief work Friday night against the Yankees.

If you follow me on twitter (@valleyshook), you know I've become slightly enamored with the start of the Canadian football season. There will be quite a few games on American TV this year, and there are a few LSU notables on the rosters. Along with starters OL Pete Dyakowski and LB EJ Kuale, QB Ryan Perrilloux is a backup QB for Calgary, and everyone's favorite former OC is still working for Winnipeg.

Meanwhile, Rohan Davey is lighting up the scoreboard in the Superdome once again.

If you're looking for something awesome to read and you're a Saints fan, go check out the amazing work our blog buddies at Canal Street Chronicles have done looking back at the 1987 season