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Link Gumbo 7/11/13

Crystal Logiudice-US PRESSWIRE

The list of players going to SEC Media Days next week is out and WR Jarvis Landry, S Craig Loston, and QB Zach Mettenberger will be representing LSU.

The preseason awards lists La'el Collins and Anthony Johnson for the Outland (best interior lineman) and Craig Loston and Anthony Johnson for the Nagurski (best overall defense)

With the MLB signing deadline just hours away, it appears LSU will lose signee Nick Longhi to the Red Sox after all. (multiple pay sites are reporting this, but I haven't seen a figure for his signing bonus total yet). Despite the loss, LSU will still be bringing in another talented class as Mainieri's recruiting skills continue to pay off.

Even back in 1907, LSU vs. Mississippi State baseball games were very popular.

LSU held a small press conference this week to introduce 3 new freshman members of the LSU men's basketball team who are already in class (Jarell Martin, Tim Quarterman and Darcy Malone) and John Odo, who sat out last season due to transfer rules. I've added a brief interview video below. Embedding doesn't seem to be working, you can view the video HERE.

Poseur spoke with our Auburn counterparts at College and Magnolia to give them a brief preview of LSU this season.

Tiger Rag has a great profile of TAF CEO Gen. Ron Richard, covering everything from his early days at TAF to listening to LSU game on WWL in Vietnam over shortwave radio.

If you're looking for some college football on TV this weekend, Cox Sports is airing the 1984 Vandy game on Saturday and the 2012 Auburn game on Sunday.


WOOOOOOOOOO! (via S&C coach Tommy Moffitt )

Steven Ridley is spending the brief NFL offseason training in Baton Rouge.

In what may be the least surprising news ever in the history of SEC Basketball, Ole Miss guard, leading scorer, and general troll Marshall Henderson has been suspended indefinitely for what is rumored to be yet another failed drug test.

NCAA 14 has added it's scariest presentation feature ever: Cowbells. A few outlets have done season simulations with the game already and none of the results look good for LSU.

For the X's and O's crowd, Smart Football has a great overview of the most common passing concepts in the UGA offense. Fooball Study Hall details how Ole Miss got the most out of it's undersized defense last season.

The landmark Ed O'Bannon vs NCAA case continues to churn slowly forward. The plantiffs have told the court that they would like to add a current student athlete to their case, but fear that the NCAA would retaliate against the player. The NCAA's response is rather terse and denies the claims that "a current student-athlete participating in litigation against the NCAA has any worry of "retaliation, intimidation or coercion" from the NCAA." Anyone who remembers the Lester Earl incident knows that the NCAA is probably lying through it's teeth right now.

The NFL is considering preventing players who are academically ineligible from participating in the NFL Draft combine, which is a really stupid idea.

Including non-football schools, there have been nearly 50 conference changes this summer in NCAA D1. Here's a handy cheat sheet.

On a personal note, big congrats to ATVS contributor and play breakdown wizard Carter Bryant who's headed back home to Arkansas for a real sports radio gig. You can say you knew him when.